05 June 2009

7 Quick Takes: Sick House, Paint Decision and Conner Might Be Naked... Edition

New appointment, thanks to Donya for Conner's testing: June 16th. God heard your prayers and put Donya in action.

I don't have a clue how I've even made it through the last 2 weeks. It feels like a month, without weekends... 

What I realize now is how I never once just gave up and it wasn't even a thought! I just did and stopping wasn't even an option. I have held children down, wrestled them for 10 minutes just to get 5 ml of Tylenol/Ibuprofen/Amoxil/Cepha and Imodium more times than I even want to remember. At some point, I was carrying around the oral dispensers in my bra pocket, just so I'd remember to A) dose a child and B) wash them correctly in the kitchen. 

And then there was the yeast infection that came back because Chase was on antibiotics, and it took two grown people just to change his diaper and lube him up. I guess Monistat hurts (yup, we didn't bother with the Rx this time... just over the counter ladies' stuff)? Maybe it was the rash that was so sensitive? Either way... that boy gave me one heckofa fight.

I've washed and bleached and sanitized about 300% more things than in a normal week.

I've seen higher temps from both of my children than ever before.

I stayed up just to make sure Conner was breathing right... for hours... and never really thought of the missed sleep...

Then finally last night, I realized I haven't been sleeping well and my back hurts, and that it's been like this for a week, but that I am just now really paying attention to it. Guess this is what happens when your wee ones get sick.


The day before Conner starting showing signs of being sick, Chase was still having tummy problems from the antibiotics, and as a result needed a bath due to a "mess"... BUT! I was smack in the middle of making my Mom's World Famous Chicken Roll-Ups (maybe I should post the recipe...) and was in a time crunch. The chicken had to marinade for at least 20 minutes in the frig, and I hadn't shredded it yet.

So... with baby in the bath, I brought my culinary-ness to the bathroom. Yes, sounds gross... but dinner was delicious AND on time:


Conner started wearing my boots around the house. Too bad he doesn't wear them with pants (or that he isn't trying to shove his brother in the shower...):

 Of course those are real shorts.... his mother did not just draw those on in under 30 seconds in Photoshop Elements... Conner always has pants on...


Have you ever TASTED Pedialyte? Shiver. It's reminiscent of the goop they make you drink for the glucose test during pregnancy.

I found that mixing 2/3 orange Pedialyte with 1/3 red gatorade (and an extra splash for good luck)(and less vomit) and served extra-chilly makes the kids NOT gag, and actually rather much like it. 



You know what is one thing people never mention pre-children that they should? (Obviously, there are about 2.7 trillion answers to this question - like how I forgot/didn't know to warn Michael that there would be placenta. I just thought he knew.... Oops.)

The fact I would've like to have known: How many times you will be head-butted in the nose, eye socket, foreheard.

Like, that's just something I would have wanted a warning for. I could've sharpened my reaction time or something... Or bought a face guard and helmet.

We decided on Blue Opal (Behr.com):

The circled picture with the flowers is also Blue Opal, as is the swatch with the 'X' on it. I'm sorry for assuming everyone is a moron and couldn't figure that out on their own. Just one of those days.

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  1. yea for the test date being moved up! yea for photoshop pants! and yea for bathroom chicken roll ups! lol

  2. Need chicken roll up recipe!

    Will pray for Conner!

    WHO needs pants?! Pants off Dance off is a regular saying in these parts!

    Love that color!

    I am going to write a book on All the things somebody SHOULD HAVE warned me about. My sister in law makes me write it all day for her.

  3. #1 - Yay, God! Go, Donya!!
    #2 - I think your blog title says it all...
    #3 - see #2
    #4 - Kids are supposed to wear pants around the house?!?!?
    #5 - Good solution!
    #6 - I have had two lovely nosebleeds in the less than 3 years that Will has been alive. Thanks to his ginormous, extremely hard head!! I have no idea where he got it...
    #7 - Nice!

  4. Pants off Dance off!! LOVE IT!

  5. It is amazing how after being a Mommy you can run on such little sleep and not even realize it. I use to be able to go for two days without sleep when my were younger and when they stayed sick. Now I need to learn how to do that again because I stay sleepy. I slept 14 hours Saturday night. Please do share the receipt. YAY!!! For Conner's test getting moved up. I agree with everyone else...kids are suppose to wear clothes at home?!? I must have missed that...mine come home and strip down their panties (Alyssa) and underwear/pull up (Noah). Whatever makes them happy. I have bigger battles to fight than wearing clothes (i.e. don't bite your sister or please use the potty and not in your underwear). Love the color too.


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