26 June 2009

7 Quick Takes: Plus a Half Edition


Because I am STILL having issues with picking a color pallett for my living room, hallway, master bedroom and master bath makeover (noticed I said "COLOR PALLETT" because, guess what? I also have to buy CURTAINS or DRAPES or LORD HELP ME, CLOTHE TO COVER MY DINING ROOM WINDOWS, sigh)... I found this nifty little "tool" in my desperation.

It's an iPhone app from Benjamin Moore called ben. Really, it's more fun than useful, for me, but I can see where it'd have some practical uses.

Say, for instance, you have a son with the most amazing blue eyes, and you thought it'd be a sweet idea to repaint his room using said color. Well, we can't go scraping corneas out and placing them in the handy color matcher machine, now can we?

No siree.

In the ben app, you can find a picture, tap any point on that picture and it'll match it to a paint swatch from the Benjamin Moore collection.

Conner's eyes happen to be "Athens Blue".


Since we are on the subject of iPhone apps that rock my face off, or at least my children's faces off - mostly Conner's face... I had a little fun of my own the other day with the sweetest picture of my youngest child:

Might I present to you Chasadrian Alexandria? Heavens, I need to make sure to label this one for "delete within the next 4 years"....

This all stems from some photographs my grandmother brought over to show me just how much Chase and I looked alike as babies - and dudes! We SO do! It's amazing. So, naturally, she gives me the "Chase should have been a girl" speech, and I, in turn, gave him some beautiful golden locks and a precious little bow using Scribble Lite (the iPhone app)

Funny: I showed this to Conner, and he thought it was L. Which, in hindsight, is kinda disturbing...

(For those of you not clicking that link, because I'm a little link and picture crazy today, L. is his puppy crush from Pre-School...)


Enough about iPhone apps, mk?

Let's talk about how DEEPLY SATISFYING it is to prepare dinner at lunchtime, when you are ALREADY cooking lunch and over the stove? SO SATISFYING.

This past Saturday, while playing short-order cook, I managed to throw together this:

Baked Ziti! Just brown up some hamburger meat, add a large (26 ounce??) can of spaghetti sauce, simmer for a bit. While that's working, boil off half a regular sized box of ziti (make sure to salt the water well!) for 7-8 minutes, as directed. Then, mix it all together in a casserole dish, throw in some Italian Cheese Blend (Publix!), and throw it in the frig. I pulled it out an hour before dinner time, heated the over and baked for 45 minutes under a loose foil at 350.

Delicious (thanks MOM! Loved this dish!)


For Conner's 2nd (?) birthday, he received Darth Tater:

(Hysterical, no?)
He didn't quite get it then, but nowadays, as many of you know... he's all about some Star Wars.

So, it was no surprise when he re-found his toy. It was even MORE hysterical when he started to become one with the Dark Spud:

(iPhone quality + Jedi speed = blurry pics and one sorry blogger....)
May the Funny be with you.


Speaking of FOOD! I made General Tso's Chicken the other night, and it was DELICIOUS! I'm going to post the recipe tomorrow after Conner's bday party (or Sunday, whichever). It was so very good, and just as good as anything I could have purchased from take-out!

Here's a preview of my leftovers (sorry about that...)


I cleaned out the window seals yesterday, is that blog worthy? I feel like anything that has to be cleaned, but can't be seen AND breaks a sweat deserves a shout-out.

Feel free to leave your least recognized and unrewarded accomplishment in the comments section. I'll give you a virtual high-five for it!


You know who I find amazing? Ellie over at One Crafty Mother and her etsy store, Shining Stones. She's a self-described "former executive, proud SAHM of 2, artist, designer, and recovering alcoholic".

Her jewelry is amazing - SEE:

and her prices will floor you. Her story of recovery is even more awesome, so I'd suggest a gander at her site. Plus, she gives away a piece of her stunning jewelry twice monthly, so while you are there, go ahead and look into that too.

--7 1/2 --
The Church of Amanda post really hit home with a lot of you, and I really enjoyed your comments. If you are visiting from Conversion Diary, go ahead and take a look at that post too. It's all about finding your Church Home and what to do when that search has been exhausted. Let me know your thoughts on the subject.

For more quick takes, please visit the Conversion Diary.


  1. Love the eye color, or uhm possible new paint color!

    I can't wait for the general tso recipe!

    I vacuum under the couch once a week and nobody sees it or notices it. I do it weekly because otherwise I wouldn't be able to stick my hand under it look for stray toys. Thinking about the dark, dusty, dirty underbelly of things make my skin crawl.

    As far as the C.O.A. I have alway's sort of had my own "brand" of religion very similar to that. I was raised up till I was 8 or 9 Catholic then my dad became a born again Christian. So needless to say I was always confused. Then I decided I'll just take a little of this and a little of that and follow Christ my way.

    ANYWAYS, I hope Conner's party goes well! Happy Birthday little man!

  2. Oh Tamara, I just plain heart you. *sigh* I LOATHE cleaning under our couch, and also do it weekly. I just don't UNDERSTAND how all that dog hair gets under there anyways! I mean, our dogs can't FIT under there so why is there SO. MUCH. HAIR.

    And you are more than welcome in the C.O.A. as you are also welcome to establish one in LI, as previously mentioned ;-) Coali has a ring to it...

  3. Love the eye color thing - so cute! But you're making me want an iPhone more and more every time you talk about awesome apps. Just so you know.

    I love the pic of Connor. Hee hee.

    I clean the sill in our shower bathroom about once a month. It gets all nasty from soap scum, etc. but then you can't really tell because of all the bottles on it.

  4. All of that food is making my stomach growl. Yum!

    Today I'm getting out the Magic Eraser to clean pencil/crayon/marker drawings off of the numerous walls throughout the house. I am dreading it, but I will make it through!

  5. I am so looking for that app!

    I had to clean a window sill in my mom's house this week - because there was a WASP NEST in it! AND it was in my 10yo son's room here! Talk about freaky!

    That General Tso's looks good. I'll be waiting (and salivating) for the recipe...

  6. Hey Amanda -

    Thanks for the love! :)

    I love your blog - I can't wait to read more!


  7. Oh - and I meant to say also that I don't even know what window seals ARE - so I am thoroughly impressed that you cleaned yours. Major props.

  8. Every morning, I throw away my roommate's empty Mountain Dew bottle that gets left on the coffee table the night before. This is yet to be appreciated, but I do it anyway b/c I hate to have stuff like that lying around. I also clean the floor when the stupid one of his puppies misses the potty pad. I know what you're thinking, & yes, I DO know what an amazing roommate I am. :)

    Also, that picture of Conner as Darth Tater is too cute!

    Also also, thank your mom for the baked ziti idea. I'd forgotten how much I love it & am now gonna have to do that again soon. Now it's up to you to post the General Tso recipe.

  9. Try Sherwin Williams Camelback and/or Inviting Ivory. Both are great colors that we just used and are thrilled with both of them.


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