12 June 2009

7 Quick Takes: These Things Are Good For My A.D.D. Edition

Conner is absolutely horrible at Hide and Go Seek. Right now, he's under a gigantic Haverty's shopping bag, yelling out "I am in the kitchen!". I started my part of this game by responding "Are you in the kitchen?", and he answers "Nooooo... *giggle*"

We continue on this road, with me asking him if he is in the living room/bathroom/car/The Moon and he'll say "Noooooo... *giggle*"

In the end, I'll ask "Are you under a bag in momma and dadda's room?" and he answers in his giggly voice "Mmmmhhmmmm".

Love this kid. I never even have to move for this game. Win.

Here is Conner, after finally putting together his rockets properly without assistance and playing with them as directed:


Chase is ... brace yourselves.. officially weaned! Eek! I KNOW! (@ 17 months, for the record)

Yes, this is me talking about my boobies and breastfeeding, AGAIN, but seriously people - it wasn't easy. Luckily, it wasn't as "infection riddled" as weaning was with Conner. Since I took my DEAR SWEET TIME, over several MONTHS actually, I got down to about a week of only one TINY feeding... but I felt kinda... stuck.

I kept getting a little engorged, and right around that time, my little Succubus would come wandering in... crying... wanting in my lap... and then molesting my chest. And, I felt relieved.

But finally, I had enough last week, and broke him once he was done being sick. I was super busy with Conner being sick, so... it seemed right. Chase just spent his "crying because I miss my mommy's boobies" time with Michael and I left the room.

When he would come to me crying, I'll admit, it was hard not to just throw him on the breast. He comforts himself now by laying on my chest, which is just adorable.... and sad... and adorable... and sad... and...


I am so random.

But, people.... Kendra from "Girls Next Door"? The REALLY annoying and extra-slutty one? Pregnant? I thought I submitted the paperwork to take her off the Official Breeder's List. No? That's it! I'm writing my congressman....

But seriously, I bet the baby daddy is really this guy:

Ha. Ok... no... it's this lucky stud:

(Hank Baskett) (NFL) (Yeah, I don't know who he is either) (But he gets special points for putting up with her laugh) (Or he's a total moron) (Nevermind) (Juuuust a moron)

While on the subject of Stuff That is SO Not Important, The Fashion Show is NOT an acceptable replacement for Project Runway, Bravo. This is me NOT ACCEPTING it... get that? No el replacmento for Tim el Gun-o? Comprende?

Fix it.


I am, officially, addicted to Twitter. I know I am supposed to use it to post witty-banter under 140 characters in length, but instead, I seem to be abusing it as a means of instant communication.

I am baaad girl.

Almost as bad as a trip to the gas station just for KitKat bars. Five. For me. I've been having them for breakfast.


3 words: New. Iphone. Update


Chase likes to assault the recyclables (those two brown sacks on the ground). It's kinda a hit-and-run thing, you might say:

And hit-and-runs are typically quick... which makes blurry phone pictures.
Red. handed. (and the caffeinated beverages in the background were for our guests and Conner's party.... which is now NOT happening at my house... Thank You, Lord)

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  1. I had no idea who Hank was until Kendra assaulted my TV. & I'm not saying this b/c I've actually watched the monstrosity that is Kendra's new show (I totally have), but he actually seems like a normal guy. How he puts up with her, I'll never know, but maybe it'll balance out the crazy in that poor baby.

  2. 2. My oldest was weaned at 17 months too, but it was because she just wasn't interested anymore. I don't think I would've had the willpower to withhold the boob if she'd actually wanted it. You are STRONG!

    6. You are allowed these as a reward for owning your chest again. Or...are you pregnant?

  3. @This Heavenly Life - It WAS hard to wean him, but the timing was right - I was just SO busy with Conner being sick that something had to give. I still miss it though!

    AND, I'm not pregnant... just enjoying a KitKat Kick. Yummers!

  4. You're the second person this weekend to admit to a KitKat "issue" (and no it wasn't me, but both of you made me want one).

    The best thing about Will playing hide and seek is that he has learned to count to 20. Yay for passive learning!


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