29 June 2009

...And He Turns 4...

Today (although I lied to you and told you this Saturday at your birthday party it was your "real" birthday, because darling, I was just so darn tired of hearing "am I four NOW?", that I chose to pick Saturday to answer "Yes, yes you are...."), you turn 4.


I remember being a mom of just one and you being a toddler, meeting other moms with kids around the age of 4 and thinking how grown-up they looked - how much bigger they were than you at that time and how far in the future it seemed before you'd be mastering the swing set or a game of tag without assistance like those children.

You can play tag now, but frankly dear, you still haven't mastered the swing. It's ok though, we'll work on that one.

You know what you want, and when you want it. You can tell me the longest stories about absolutely nothing, because finally... you have enough words in your little head to do so. And they are wonderful, imaginative stories with Bad Guys and Dinosaurs, Pirates and Star Wars, Dragonflies and Spongebob, Robots and Frogs... and I hope they never go away.

Your Lego skills challenge your Father's and those sharks you keep drawing? Well. They look exactly like sharks and I am so impressed.

My first born, you are no longer a baby.

This year, you picked your party all by yourself, steadfast in your determination to have a "Bowling Party". I just don't know where you get your stubbornness.... So, without any prior experience to bowling, I did as you requested. I also brought you to the store, and let you pick out a cake. Yes, you picked the most expensive one, but it was a hit.

Mommy and Daddy joke that your first memory is from the beach, a few weeks before your 3rd birthday. You and Daddy were playing with a medium-sized blue crab in the sand by the shoreline and that crab had had enough! Daddy thought he'd take on the challenge, but suddenly the crab struck and "bit Dada on his right foot" (your words...).

I laugh so hard to think that you tell no other stories about anything prior to that day at the beach, and surely you'll remember it forever. Hopefully the lesson about "not messing with things that have claws" and the lesson of "getting away from Daddy when he is messing with things that can hurt him" will stick.

Mommy was so very worried about people showing up to your party with it being so close to the 4th of July, but the turnout was amazing! We had, at one count, about 15 kids! And they were all there for you! (ok, Mommy likes to be honest, so some of those kids came because there was cake and pizza and bowling....) (... they ALSO like you...)

But either way, they sang Happy Birthday to you, and in true Conner fashion, your tiny little cheeks flushed bright crimson and you hid your head beneath the table for a brief moment. You came back up with a little help...

It took you one breath to blow out all 4 candles - all by yourself.

You are such a big boy now.

And I know you told me last night "I don't wanna take dis shirt off till I have anodder birfday potty", but baby... mommy is going to have to wash that shirt for you and it'll still be another year.

Sigh... another year... you really are growing up.

Mommy loves you and as cliche as it is to say this - you'll always be my baby.

1 week old

almost 3 months old

1st Christmas - 6 months old

shortly after his 1st Birthday

21 months

2 years old

EEK! He's 3!

And now... you are 4.


  1. Happy birthday to Conner!

  2. Anonymous29 June, 2009

    Happy Happy Birthday Conner!!

  3. Holy crap Amanda, he's 4! I don't even have kids and that made me tear up...so sweet!

  4. EEK! Reading that was super sweet, THEN the pictures... I'm not supposed to tear up on my lunch break.

    Happy (official) Birthday, Conner!

  5. Andrea & Jake29 June, 2009

    Happy Birthday Conner! Ya for 4 year olds!!!

  6. Chasity {crying}29 June, 2009

    Oh my Gosh, thanks I'm crying now. My Koen is one day from turning 4~officially. 6-30-04 at 11:17am
    It has flown by and it's amazing how much you miss those days of the newborn sleeping on your chest and making those cute grunting noises. Heck i even miss changing diapers. How crazy am I. The day you stop the diapers the day your child is no longer a baby. Just the same the day your child picks his own birthday theme, he's no longer a toddler but a mini child.

  7. chasity(der)29 June, 2009

    I meant 05~ such a goob
    side note i have another child from 2004, so my brain just wandered to that number. sorry :)

  8. Happy Birthday, little guy!

    I love the picture sequence at the end. And the post was just so sweet, I got all choked up.

    Four does seem so big...sigh...

  9. EEK PEOPLE! I didn't mean to make everyone teary eyed! Although, admittedly, Michael read this and was touched too...

    Happy Birthday Big (little) Man!

  10. Happy Birthday Conner!

  11. Okay, teary here, too. What a beautiful post, beautifully written. That is the most incredible cake I have ever seen!!!

  12. BUT- did The. Prettiest. Girl. show up?

  13. @Lauren - *sigh*... She was the FIRST to show! Might have been the reason for those crimson cheeks during the birthday cake and song... we sat her next to him.

  14. That is so sweet. I know how you feel. Alyssa turned 5 Sunday. We celebrated her birthday all weekend. Happy birthday Conner!


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