15 June 2009

Connerisms, Pictures, Mom Tip and Pulmonology Appointment Tomorrow

A few 'Connerisms' before his appointment tomorrow:

While playing with his "people" Friday, here's the conversation I overheard:

Conner's 1st Person: Hi! How are you?
Conner's 2nd Person: I'm good. What is your name?
1st person: I'm Dard Vada
2nd person: Where did you come from?
Dard Vada: My momma.


Conner at VBS/Summer School on Thursday was playing with two 6-year-old boys, Matthew and and Landon. Chase and Conner were in a playhouse, when Matthew approached the door and knocked. I was behind the house, about 5-feet, but close enough to hear this:

Conner: Who is it?
Matthew: It's Matthew
Conner: Come in!
(Matthew walks in and Conner shuts the door)
Conner: Hi, My name is Tonna, dis is my friend Chasey.
Matthew: Is he like your 'friend friend' or your brother?
(This takes a minute for Conner to process and then, he picks an answer)
Conner: My brova friend.


Before bed last night, as he's falling asleep:
Conner: Momma, can I pet your eyebrows?


Oh, and a few pics of the boys:


And finally, since this blog is lacking all things of interest to readers not blood-related to me (or my sista's by otha mista's) (I'm so lame).... I'll give you an Official Mom Job Mommy Tip:

For lunch, or all any meal(s) that requires THE condiment, I offer Conner the choice of a letter of the alphabet to be squirted into his ketchup using mustard. It gets him interested in lunch, gives him a "choice" (which 4-year-olds love.... sigh...) and, obviously, drives home that alphabet!

He has several favorites:
"C - is for my name" (correcting my thinking that "C is for COOKIE!")
"F, for the froggies"
and "X marks the spot, Arrggg!"
- all direct Conner quotes.

When I wear my VS Pink pajama pants, and it says "TEAM PINK!" on the butt (they were ON SALE PEOPLE), he sometimes picks a letter off my arse. Isn't that lovely?

Here's a pic (not of my arse, sorry) (maybe someday) (or TOTALLY not):

Keep us in your thoughts tomorrow and if Children's has reliable wifi (which, if I recall, it does), I'll keep you all informed via Twitter (which, if you don't follow @themomjob, you can read my tweets in the sidebar to your left).


  1. Thats HILARIOUS! and I def. enjoyed that! :o) and YES...Children's has GREAT wifi! ;) Love ya!

  2. Very cute kids! And good luck with everything tomorrow...

  3. So not boring my friend. I love that even Darth Vada had a mommy too.

  4. I'm glad you guys enjoyed my crappy post. It seemed a little ALL OVER THE PLACE. And, it was... so... yeah...

  5. That's a great idea with the condiments!! I may have to start that!!!


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