22 June 2009

The Prettiest Girl

Conner came up with the idea for a bowling pary for his 4th birthday. It is most certainly noteworthy to point out that Conner has never been bowling.

It's also interesting to mention that Conner managed to pick out a $50 cake at Publix (which took every fiber of my kegel muscles not to wet the floor the second she told me the price...) and equally as noteworthy to point out that his (gigantic) cake is Spiderman (climbing a foot-high building with several bad guys below....). He's watched one of the movies once, maybe, and seen about 15 cummulative minutes of the cartoon.

But one thing I know for certain Conner wanted with all his tiny little might - L. and S. to come to his party.

In roll-call fashion, we addressed the invitations, albeit much later than I should have (we had that whole "oh crap, Conner needs to go to Children's" thing that kinda got in the way...). I would say a name and Conner would say "yes" or "no". It was a little a-la Mean Girls, but to be frank, he did pick the kids he normally hangs out with and I think he just shook his head or gave me a blank look for the names of the kids he honestly didn't know.

Two people stood out amongst the rest - one being the most adorable, blonde haired, always in pink little girl named L. in his class. In Conner's mind, they are soul mates. Or, at least, he'd share his snack without so much as a whimper.

And the second was his Bestie - S., a well-built, energetic boy from an amazing family of 3 boys, who's mom is the room mom and equally as amazing.

I was so incredibly nervous about calling each mom on Wednesday afternoon, leaving no less than 8 voicemails and not actually speaking to a single person. I filled out each invitation that night and had them at the Big Post Office by pick-up time, knowing that every child would most likely receive the invite on Saturday. I was so nervous that no one would come.

The first e-mail came in this morning, thank God. I caught myself gasp when the first words read "I am so sorry but..."

Then, I kept reading to learn that the apology was for "just now getting back to me" (pish, posh... I'm the Bad Mom that just sent out the invites! Who's surprised?), and that L. - the light of Conner's preschool life - would in FACT be attending.

I practically skipped to the kitchen to make Conner's breakfast just so I could wake him up, feed him and tell him the good news.

I called two people who might not care (they do, swear), because I was over the moon with excitement for my little man.

His birthday wishes are all coming true! (I am such a cornball today)

At this point, that cake could be a pink Barbie Princess with no icing.

We could end up with no pins and bowling balls that are too heavy to pick up.

I could accidentally forget to wrap and bring his Power Rangers shirt (I have no clue why he wanted a Power Rangers shirt, either... sigh).

His brother could wail the whole time and hog all the grown-ups attention.

And none of that will matter - The Prettiest Girl is coming to his birthday party.


  1. Let me guess, he saw a picture of the cake and was all "hey, that's the biggest one" or "that has the coolest figures on it" - you know there had to be some similar motivation for picking a cake. :) My BFF's 6 year old does that. every. stinking. year.

    But I'm glad his little crush is coming. How cute is that. Caroline likes to hold hands w/ the little boy we go walking with. His mom and I have destined them to be high school sweethearts. :)

  2. Dear Conner -

    There is no way that you are old enough to have crushes. If you are, this means that your Mom & I are old, & this just cannot be. We are the picture of youth, & you do not think girls are pretty. Got it?


    PS- No, you're still not 4 just yet.

    PPS- Nice (random) cake choice!

  3. Publix does have the most expensive cakes but they are also so good. Last year Alyssa had to have a princess castle cake that cost me $60. Yes I said that right. This year I had ordered her cake from one of my attorney's neighbor's who makes a cake that is by far way better than Publix. So Saturday night we will have a Sleeping Beauty cake and it will cost me $15. So much better than last year.

    Boys are quicker to find a girl and decide she is "the prettiest girl". When Noah was 2 he kissed his first little girl who was 3 at the time. I didn't know what to think. I went to pick him up from daycare and he was in the middle of the gym playing with her and when he saw me he had to stop and kiss her before coming to Mommy. All of a sudden all you heard was "aww", everyone in the gym was watching my 2 year old. Now she is 5 and he is still "in love". Oh and she is my daughter's bestie. Be glad you have two boys instead of one of each 14 months apart. I'll have to send Noah to his Daddy's house whenever Alyssa has friends spend the night and vice versa.


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