09 June 2009

Shirt or Dress? Eh?

I'm short. I've mentioned this before, and I bring it up often. Probably because in the ways of the world, the only thing I can "bring up" is written word... because I AM SHORT. Bad joke, Amanda.

In being short, I have always had an external dilemma - is this thing I am wearing really a long shirt or a short dress? And, when I would wear said item (back in the day...) to school or whathaveyou, I'd always be subconscious about what would happen if I ran into someone wearing the same item opposite of how I'd chosen to wear it (especially in the me: dress, them: shirt because that means me = skank).

And this was ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL before shirt-dresses started popping up all ova da place. Shirts started getting longer, and I began to think I was shrinking. Then, I fell preggers, and thanked Tha Lawd (I feel bad for even typing that - so - The Lord, I thanked) that I owned so many "long" shirts...

... Once un-pregnant and Just Fat, I thanked The Lord for my baggy, long shirts.

Then, I became skinny again - and wore them as dresses.

Then, I got knocked up again, and wore them as moo-moos.

But, still... THE CONFLICT? Shouldn't the LABEL just say "Dear Consumer, This here item is a shirt. Might we suggest these leggings...."? I think they should. 

Shirts are STILL getting longer, which only makes me more confident (thank you AGAIN God), because now? Well, now my 4'10" self can proudly wear these items (since it's 9o-freaking-2 out, already!?!) and not care whether they are shirt or dress because they reach my knees...

Yesterday I found this blog, which addresses "Shirt or Dress?" in a post and vote fashion. The site gets The Mom Job's Official "May Contain Some Adult Content" Warning, but in all - is freaking hysterical.

Have you ever found yourself in this pickle? My personal solution is this: when in doubt, put some other freaking clothes on. (I also heart leggings) (I tried to find a picture of myself in one of my shirt/dresses [in which I wore the item as a dress], but failed. Sorry.)


  1. Amanda you are so silly. But of course I so know what you mean about shirts getting longer. Now I put on a shirt I've had for a while and I'm like why is this shirt so short has it shrank that much. Grrr. Saturday night I put on this really cute pink dress I bought a while back and I've only woren it twice but it's 100% cotton (BIG mistake). My husband told me "I know you are wearing something else with that." So now my cute dress can not be woren as a dress without legging or jeans. I ended up wearing jeans with it but to me it looks like crap like that because it ties in the back.

  2. Thanks for the link to that blog. I love stuff like that!

    I really wish I could give you some of my height. I'm 6 feet tall, and I feel like a giant when I stand next to "normal" people.

  3. i feel the same way, i'll go out shopping and see those super cute long shirts/dresses and i HAVE NO CLUE what they are SUPPOSED to be. And the main problem with being tall is that even some of those long shirts that u can wear as dresses, I can not cause it shows my hiney whenever i bend over. I also can't wear leggings since baby #2. My hips are way to freakin big for that.lol.

  4. Thanks for the shout out! Your boys are adorable!


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