24 July 2009

7 Quick Takes: Some of This Is So Last Week...

Conner decided to show off his Badge of DisHonor at Summer School/VBS today - it apparently didn't go well. This is what he told me when we got home:

Conner: "I told them at school that I got shot and they said 'No, you just got a boo boo' and I say 'No! I got SHOT!' and I showed them and they said 'No, it's a boo boo' "

Sorry kid, your thug ways just don't compute with your peers. (Mommy picked the right preschool...)

While getting Dairy Queen because the toaster oven broke and lunch just DUH! can't be made without a toaster oven driving home after picking up Conner from VBS, I took this picture of his newly acquired and most prized possession:

Walking to the car only moments earlier, He tells me "I finally finally finally got a necklace like you and dadda!"

Yes, we deprive him of jewelry. How dare we? (I also lost Mom Points for not thinking of having an arts and crafts project to make him a cross necklace... I knew he wanted one and we are always telling him that either a) he gets dadda's when he gets a little older [mike loves sitting him in his lap and telling him about the cross and why he wears it, adorable!] or b) he gets his own just like dadda's when he gets a little older.)

We enjoyed McWayne Center last week with my mom in Birmingham. Here's a few favs.

That's one big dino turtle...

Conner "digging" for "dino bones". I just LOVED this stuff he is digging in - it was post-consumer recycled rubber pieces. It would be 3 trillion times easier to clean up than sand (especially once that sand manages to hop, skip and leap out of the sandbox and into my house, grrrr). Anyone know what this stuff is called or where I can find it?

Chase barely had time for pictures...

More proof that Conner needs/wants/I want for him a play kitchen... le sigh.

You guys remember that post I did a few weeks back called College Dorm Shopping Heaven?

Well, if you aren't feeling "clicky" today or don't remember which post I'm talking about (shame), it's all about all the things I wish I would have had for college when I was a Freshman and dorm-bound.

The wonderful people with Bed, Bath and Beyond are hooking one lucky reader up with some MAJOR swag - a full 11-piece bedding set for a college-bound ...umm... college-r (oh, I'm talented).

Should be this next week! Going to be SOO worth it if you, your bestie, sister or someone you know and want to totally spoil is hitting the dorms this year!

Chase is On. The. Move. these days - so, it's very very (very) hard to get a picture of him without it looking like an empty room full of wind. Here are just a few examples I tried to capture just so you know he still exists:


Muscle Man.

Um. Chase in true form.

Yeah... that's not what I meant by "smile"...

I caved to my neighbor agreed to take a Gravity class at the Y with my neighbor. I will not lie, it totally kicked my butt. And my arms. And my abs. And... EVERYTHING. It's this crazy machine that looks so incredibly intimidating, but the instructor was super Zen (no, really... I'm pretty sure her middle name is Sunflower or Zodiac or something...) and calmly talked me through it.

I think she might have also managed to hypnotize me with her Zen ways into wanting to plant a chemical-free herb garden, save the rain forest and adopt a puppy (wait, I wouldn't mind doing any of those things.... digression).... She's that good...

If you want to know more about resistance training, or Gravity training (using your own body weight on a machine), visit this helpful site.

It explains the how resistance training works and explains why my entire body got a workout without really feeling strained (while DOING it, that is...).


Seriously people, 3 ingredients, 2 very happy children, 1 pan. NO ONE CAN COMPLAIN! PS - You could totally sneak in a veggie, say some minced onion or bell peppers.... chop finely for those picky eaters (I'm looking at you, Conner).

(Also, it says you can either use cream of chicken or cream of mushroom - I used cream of mushroom and then sprinkled a little cheddar cheese on top - total yummers)

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  1. This is the first time I've commented on your blog (one more stalker out of the closet, lol!)

    You can get those rubber pellets for your home playground at http://www.permalife.com/SoftStuff.asp.

  2. Oohh... thanks Ellen for the link AND for de-lurking.

    I see you are from Alabama - do we know each other?

  3. I don't believe we know each other...I happened upon your blog from another blog (don't even remember which one) several months ago and have been themomjob ever since...

  4. eww. ok so maybe it's cause I'm preggers and have a near TOTAL food aversion, but girl, I looked up the tater tot casserole recipe and it looks totally gaggers! lol
    is it really worth trying?


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