10 July 2009

7 Quick Takes: I'm Midwest Bound!


I received one of those Nielson TV Diary things in the mail last week, and I almost threw away 5 perfectly crisp $1 bills (well, I almost recycled 5 perfectly crisp $1 bills)

I recall "doing" one of these things back in middle or high school, but I don't recall actually finishing it.

But, when I saw that they had included 5 bucks in with this "diary", my conscious wouldn't let me at least try.

Hooooooooowever, they sent only one diary and expect me to "log all additional tv's, the person watching, that person's sex/age, the time they started watching, the time they stopped, what program they were watching, what channel they were watching it on, or whether the tv was on but no one was watching" on a seperate piece of paper. I am also supposed to tell them the cable provider, list ALL THE CHANNELS WE RECEIVE ON WHICH TVS and which tv's have extra channels (and list those) as well as which have a DVR set up to it.

I mean, SHEESH.

We don't watch a TON of tv, but it is definitely on a lot on the weekends. If I had to go through each tv and list the channel name and the channel number, well.... on one tv that's like 400 things to write down! And we have TWO tv's like that!

They'd want something like this:
WZZA - Channel 13 - CBS (none of that is correct).
AND THEY WANT THIS times 300+ AND times 2 tv's??

On top of that, for 5 measily dollars, I have to record what we are watching and if two tvs are on who's watching what where, and blah blah blah. FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK.

Which inspires this:

Dear Nielson,

Make an internet version of this and you'll get better responses. Better yet, pay those people the 5 dollars, because that's how long it'll take on the internet. In WRITTEN WORD, this thing will eat 10 hours of my week (easily) and for that amount of time, I'm going to have to ask for at least minimum wage.

A TV watcher that will most likely NOT keep up with this diary correctly.


I am bothered and bewildered as to which somebody broke my 'b' key. It's really making this whole "typing" thing difficult.


I am othered and ewildered as to which someody roke my ' ' key.

le sigh.


I took advantage of Southwest Airline's 48 Hour We Are Practically GIVING Away Flights Deal this week and booked a flight to visit my soon-to-depart the U.S. friend, Staci, and her awesomesauce of a family.

I get to go to KANSAS CITY... woot.

I've been to St. Louis, so is that considered the Midwest? Because if not, this will be my first mid-western experience.

AND, I get to stay on base where they might or might not keep B2 Bombers. HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT?

(I have no idea why the government allows so much info to be available via wikipedia... maybe it's because this place is in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.)

I am totally stoked.


Obligatory 4th of July pictures.... now:

Cajun Shrimp Boil! Delicious.


RIGHT as I am walking out the door on Tuesday to pick up Conner from VBS/Summer School, the sky opened up. It was only a 15 minute drive to church, but by that time, this much water was already in the road...

We were SOAKED!

DaMomma and Ellie both wrote very thought-provoking posts on a certain celebrity that recently died that I am personally so freaking tired of hearing about.

However, these post share my exact same sentiments about a man that was clearly an addict and we, as a culture obsessed with celebrities, were his enablers.

If you were as disturbed by the media coverage and glorification of this certain someone as I was, please read those two posts (Ellie's even has pictures!)


On a more uplifting note, I'd like to mention (for the LAST time, swomise), that THE GIVEAWAY ends today... and if you happen to be a BAMA fan, Donya has a limited supply of houndstooth fabric for the winner's choice of outfit. (and for that OTHER team with no National Championship Titles in football, maybe she can conjure up some (puke) orange and (double puke) blue)

Remember - this giveaway ends tonight!

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  1. Hey Amanda! Have fun at Whiteman AFB. Yes - I know which base the B2 bombers (shhhh!) reside. We stayed there on our way back home to Denver. We even got to see one take off....coolest thing ever. I love the military! LOL!

    Have fun on your trip!

    ~ Jennifer

  2. Holy cow, the RAIN! Makes for some adorable soaked babies, though :)

  3. We're in KC!! Give us a wave from the plane.

  4. hey, I drove by your old house today, in Paradise Valley and thought of you. that's all... :-)


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