31 July 2009

7 Quick Takes: Yeah.


I went FIVE WHOLE DAYS without blogging. I'd like to say that I did this as some sort of penance or for Lent, but sadly, no. I just ended up being spontaneous and going on aforementioned trip to the beach and SURPRISE - No Internet connection.


GO figure, as I am there without Teh Internets, I come up with two blogs.

Normally, my best ideas come when I'm A) in the shower or B) drifting off to sleep. Both are problematic. I've dealt with 'A' by having bathtub crayons on hand OR doing the "repeat sentence, repeat sentence, repeat sentence" followed by a naked mad-dash to the nearest writing utensil and something I can write on.

I deal with 'B' by either A) huffing at myself and climbing out of mid-sleep position, firing up the laptop and spitting out a blog, B) putting cliff's notes on my iphone, or C) dragging myself to the kitchen island and writing some of it down.

Unless I opt for 'A' and get out my laptop, the post is NEVER as good as it was in my head.

However, I did a LOT of driving on this trip and had two pretty darn good blog post ideas come up while in the middle of nowhere.

Yes, I know what you are thinking - "Amanda, why didn't you just rattle it off to your Little Person Stenographer". Well, space was tight, dears, and I couldn't bring him along. So, I had to hold the steering wheel, not touch my phone (because that's DANGEROUS people), and just keep repeating the TOPIC. All those lost sentences... *sigh*.

When/Where do YOUR best ideas come?


My 'b' key is still missing.
Conner finally fessed up.
It took almost a month.
Completely random, he walks up to me and says "I am really sowwy about breaking da 'B' on your 'puter"

Yeah. Thanks.


ALSO, my battery isn't holding a charge. I have to contort my hand to manipulate the cord for my laptop to charge. It blows. So, since the computer is only 6 months old, and I've had this issue for several months now, I've finally decided to contact HP.

Sadly, I think I decided "too late" because now, every 10 minutes or so I have to stop what I am doing and "hold it's hand".

I did this WHILE typing my customer service complaint. There's irony for you. Wait...is that ironic and just crappy?

Also, I have implemented one-handed typing.
Without the letter 'b' key.
It's as awesome as it sounds.


I am having a FABULOUS, like FOR REALS FABULOUS giveaway courtesy of Bed, Bath & Beyond starting Monday. Please come back for details because you really, really (REALLY) don't want to miss out.


I am brown, yet I feel sun burnt. How odd is that?
Oh, but my face is coming off.
I'm either a snake or I'm peeling.
Could be both, so.... STAY TUNED. Should be fascinating stuff.


After having my Charlie and my pug for 3.5 years (well, Charlie longer), I have made a ground breaking discovery.

My long-haired dog that I keep obsessively bathing, brushing and shaving? Yeah... he's not the one leaving all the hair on my floors.

It's that little evil pug! Ugh. HOW? He looks practically hairless!
Wait, maybe he's hairless because he keeps his doggy coat ON MY FREAKING FLOORS.

Pug. Free to a "good" home. (That's a joke. unfortunately, Charlie wouldn't know how to live without him..)

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  1. These were hilarious! And bathtub crayons? ...Never thought of that, but they could be worth the investment :)

  2. I think of my best ideas as I'm falling asleep or at 2 in the morning when I wake up to pee. I also get a lot of thinking time at work, but - no internet there! And I don't bring my computer, so... Every once in awhile I begin by hand writing it out, but... not often.

    My dog used to leave little bits of himself all over the place, too. When I got married my husband implemented the "Shave the Moo!" campaign and he looks more like a beagle now than the Cavalier King Charles that he truly is. No clue how such a tiny dog could have that much hair to spread around, but he did!

    And when my dogs get on my nerves I start campaigning for "free to a good restaurant." :)

  3. Hilarious!!

    My ideas usually come when I'm driving or laying in bed at night. Sometimes I get random sparks from reading other blogs too. I actually started going to my email and putting my thoughts down quickly and then saving the email as a draft.

    ~ Jennifer


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