23 July 2009

And The Point In This Post Is?

Today just flew by, which, I am so totally not complaining about.

We woke at our usual Summer Awakening Time of 8 AM.
Oh yes, I said EIGHT.
It's fabulous.
I have never been, and never will be, a morning person. In college, I finally lucked up enough to get my bestie, Mary, to be my roomie at BAMA and she is also not a morning person. So, we'd wake, stumble into each other in the hall, grunt or "meow" at each other (it's our inside joke. Ok, it's not a joke, just something weird we do. I'm weird... in case you managed NOT to notice...).

Obviously, I was a little ticked off about leaving my bestie to move in with my hubby when I discovered he was so a morning person (yup, they exist), in that, he wakes up and wants to immediately begin full-on WITH COMPLETE SENTENCES AND PARAGRAPHS AND ACTUAL CONTENT conversations. Whoa kid. My brain doesn't compute ANYTHING other than one-word phrases before 8:30 - so back. up. off.


Today, we had Conner and Chase's 4-year and 18-month check-ups, respectively. I, being the absolute genius of everything that I am (stop the laughing), scheduled them for the Best Time Ever that I am, again, not sharing. Sorry.

We didn't wait long, and I even managed to remember to bring Conner and Chase (if I'd of stopped the sentence there, you'd laugh - go ahead... re-read it) a snack and a semi-MEAL in case they went That Direction (you just never know when kids will do that).

And... since no one likes a "my kids are this tall and this big and this awesome" post, I'll just blurt out the facts:

Conner is small - estimated height: 5 FREAKING 7. Yup, Magic Foundation... do you do freebies?

Chase is NOT small - with ALL the problems Chase has managed to conjure up medically, he still manages to blow my little mind with the fact that, as of now, he is 50-50-50 (height, weight AND HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE). I know. Really. No lie. His head is NORMAL. Sheesh kid.

The children then received shots. Conner went first. I told him he was getting it because he wouldn't sit still or use his inside voice during the duration of his and Chase's check-ups. It's ok. I'm his mother. I have the right to scar him for life.

Chase also received shots, but he's not a cry-er. Well, then again... the only reason Conner cried is because I told him he was getting them as punishment... and he normally doesn't cry... so... you know... MOVING ON.

Then by the time we did some other stuff, it was nap time - Praise Jesus. So, I came home, scrubbed the boys to Bio-Hazard Level 4 (no swine flu here - GOT THAT?) and put Chase in his Happy Place/Crib.

Conner did his new routine of "I'm so totally not napping because you gave me magic medicine that made my 3.5 hour nap disappear and yes, I'm eating better and breathing better and not getting sick like I was, but now my mom has a child that doesn't nap and no time to herself so, she's kinda considering letting me just deal with the Asthma without the meds because no-nap is JUST NOT FAIR, according to her...".... Wait... That's a lie. Well, the part about taking away his meds is a lie - but the rest? NOT FAIR.

Yeah. So.


Then, post-nap... we had cereal for dinner. I'm an awesome mom.

And Mike did work stuff... you know... so we can buy more cereal...

And I went to pick up Chase's Rx for another rash.

And then Conner fell asleep in the car because HE NO LONGER NAPS. (I'm sorry, but my brains really might explode over that one...)

Oh, and then Mike came home and is now outside with both offspring searching for crickets. (May they rest in peace or pieces)

This concludes Amanda's Blah Blah Blah. Feel free to stop skimming for important stuff.... now.


  1. Morning people suck. Throw rocks at them.

    (TB is a morning person. I don't get it.)

  2. My husband wakes up at the UN-GODLY hour of 4:30 every day of the week. Sleeping in for him is 5:30!!!

    It is SICK!


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