20 July 2009

Circle, Circle - Dot, Dot....

Just in the last 3 days, I've experienced a new level of boyhood. I'd like to report that I do not accept this particular stage and would much prefer to skip it.

In this stage, dialogue goes a lot like this:

Conner in a sing-songy voice: "My pennnnniiissss is a weaaapoooonn......" In this never-to-be-released Broadway-esque performance, my just-plain-nasty (at the moment...) 4-year-old sings those lovely lyrics with appropriately placed pelvic thrusts.


Conner comes to me with two large cups, one over each hand. He takes his official Power Rangers stance (legs spread, knees slightly bent, one arm out, one arm guarding his chest...), and shouts out "THESE ARE MY BOOBIE GUNS!"
My response (after laughter): "And what do they do?" (Stupid me for asking....)

That's the only known side-effect of breastfeeding I've come up with to date.

Oh, and then there's this:

Last night, Conner gets out of the bathtub and runs full-force at the bed. After shedding his towel/cape, he jumps on the bed, throws his butt in the air, aims it towards Michael and proclaims "BEWARE! THIS IS MY BUTT CANNON! I WILL GET YOU WITH MY STINKY POOTS!"

People, this is just gross.


  1. Boys!! Gotta love 'em. Poor Landon is around girls so much he probably has more girly language - like I bet he's told one of his friends, "you look pretty today"...guess we need to work on his manly words!! But not too much...hehe.

  2. Just wait. . . it gets worse. :)

  3. Wow, I am very impressed! Your kids are so funny.

  4. HAHA! It does get worse though!

  5. Lord have mercy..I dont know what I am going to do if this baby is a BOY!!! I might need some of your guidance! haha

  6. Anonymous21 July, 2009

    Note to self: boys learn early that their penis is a weapon. this explains so much of the past relationship problems.

  7. Oh, geez! You are not helping my trepidation over having a boy.

  8. i had 2 sweet girls .then a boy, when my son was about 16...frustrated and mad at me..he would lift his leg and fart at me!!!!! i was blown away....oops..i didn't know how to respond!!..he is now 22 and a wonderful son


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