29 July 2009

Checks In the Mail

It was like "Where's Waldo" around Teh Internets for 3 days. You guys went nuts. Ge'ez. I am so GIDDY you guys went SO NUTS. You must heart me.

Obviously, you all noticed I went radio silence from Sunday through today. Yeah...uh... sorry about that.

Out of nowhere, my favorite family (other than mine) invited me on their family trip to Ft. Walton/Eglin AFB/Staci Wishes It Were Destin, FL. I am NOT an impromptu kinda gal, but as it turned out, Michael was going to be gone for business/family obligations and I accepted the offer and packed the 3 of us and cleaned the house in about 6 hours.

I would lurve lurve to tell you all about everything we did, but I'm super busy, super tired and just plain WORKING ON IT.

I learned a few very important lesson's in the process, and also managed to remind myself of a few important one's I'd forgotten... Here goes!

  • As much as I complain about living in the middle of nowhere, I do NOT live in the middle of nowhere. These people live in the middle of nowhere:

  • Trying to run a blog without wifi is like trying to run a restaurant without a kitchen.
  • No Internet access for more than a day is EXACTLY LIKE HELL. Except in Hell, the lack of Internet will also be accompanied by the smell of sulfur and 24-hour/7-days a week Michael Jackson news coverage. Oh, and MJ himself.

  • Being a single parent must so suck (to a degree) (not that I didn't have ARM FULLS OF HELP while at the beach - I just single parented in the car and while packing and a few additional times).
  • I missed Michael. I hate him travelling. Going to the beach without him made me cry. Thankfully, my friends were very supportive (and I heart their faces).
  • I have a new respect for parents of children with ADHD. THIS IS ME LOOKING AT YOU CONNER!

  • I will never have 5 kids.
  • Pictures of 5 kids in birth order couldn't get cuter than this if you tried. So don't.

  • No matter how hard you try, sand will get into your PB&J.
  • Children do not nap on beaches.

  • SPF is important.
  • Noxzema makes your hands burn.
  • Sunburn on your bestie makes for a bed full of heat.

  • The Slap Chop guy ("you'll love my nuts") and the Sham Wow douche ("follow me camera guy") (oh, and both the same guy...) have nothing on Nick selling the HerStyler Flat Iron in a Eglin AFB Mall.

  • Staci has the corner on haggling salesmen using biblical references.
  • I have her wing man position with well-placed sarcasm.

  • The death of a friend will never be fully understood. The pain becomes less obvious, but never lessens in its intensity. Watching someone you love learn about that loss is also equally as painful. (Post to come)
  • How God works in certain peoples' lives is simply astonishing. (Post to come)
  • I never knew how much freedom in "daily life" our military and their families give up to fight for and maintain OUR freedom. Really. It's mind blowing and POST TO COME. Good stuff.


  1. looking forward to those to come.... Great pic.. what a bunch of cuties... and glad you had some impromptu you time.. =)

  2. Speaking from experience, military life is not easy...and it certainly isn't for everyone. But I wouldn't trade my life for anything!

    LOVE the picture of the kids!! So sweet!

    ~ Jennifer

  3. Looking forward to the posts to come. I was only going to give you 1 more day before I sent you a message saying "did you forget us?!?"

  4. Anonymous30 July, 2009

    I'm sure this isn't the comment you were expecting to get but OMG I WANT FIVE KIDS. And dress them cute and sit them in birth order and... oh man my husband is going to die when I tell him this.

  5. @Maggie - GASP! Phillip is going TO. FLIP. if he sees this/ends up with 5 kids.
    There were several points during our trip that either Staci or I would get left with Nathan and all 5 kids - and people would GAWK. It was surreal. It goes from being a "family" to "running a daycare" in no time flat.

    Seriously though, you want FIVE? Mad props.


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