11 July 2009

College Dorm Shopping Heaven **Updated**

I started college at the only public, state-funded fine arts university in Alabama in the Fall of 2002 as a journalism major.

Although my roommates/dorm change situation would rival ANYONE (don't EVEN try), one of the best parts about sharing a 14x20 space with another person was shopping for all the things I'd needed to finally take the Big Step from living at home to living "alone". (I've mentioned before about my un-dieing love for all that is school-supply related)

Naturally, I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and spent a nice chunk of the money I'd been saving throughout High School by working a slew of low-paying (yet, entertaining) jobs. My mom helped me with the necessities... and the things I "had to have" were on me.

At the time, I just wanted what was cheapest and was functional. I bought a baby blue reversible bedspread and my first "throw". It's amazing how excited you get over buying a blanket that's just yours. When I bought it, I remember thinking "I'm probably going to have this for a long time..." And that turned out to be completely true - Conner slept with it just last night.

The University of Montevallo's Housing Department sent out a list of suggested items: bath caddy, shower shoes, bed risers, under bed storage, shoe rack, extra-long sheets, a mini-fridge, etc.

Back then, it was difficult to even find extra-long sheets, and Sara and I (my eventual roommate after a merry-go-round-a-la-HELL of room switches) made the best of what we could find. She had curtains, and an amazingly soft pink duvet. We painted a desk that was surely circa 1950.

With no help, we managed to shimmy and sweat a love-seat from the depths of the attic in our Dorm Hall (the building is a historical landmark, it's over 100 years old...). The couch was NASTY, to say the very, very least. We covered it with my blue throw, then with a pink sheet and some pink fabric (in case you aren't following, Sara really liked pink :) ).

There was no space unused.

My bed backed up to the entry wall. At the end of the foot rail was our mini-fridge (I purchased!) on cinder blocks. With no space in between, next sat a tall, plastic stack of shelves (we used it for everything between a pantry, storage and books...), a garbage can was smashed between that bookcase and our in-room sink (ooh lala).

Sara's bed ran the length of the window facing the sink and met the back corner. Between the end of her bed and the sink was probably the only "free" space (necessary to brush your teeth) we had other than the middle of the room. Next to her bed, (with no room) was our dresser and on the other side of that was our love seat (facing the tv that was on top of the fridge). Right next to that was a sideways facing desk that we could never actually sit at, because the love seat blocked the drawers.

That took up every inch of wall space in our dorm. It worked for us, but I still believe that if we were to have taken that furniture out and tried to put it back in, it wouldn't have all fit....

Here's a visual for those of you who I lost 3 paragraphs ago:

So today, I received the College Sale Catalog from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Just as I slobber all over school supplies every July/August, I drooled on this thing. The market for college-bound kids these days is EXPLOSIVE and they offer all the things I never knew I could have but totally needed!

The space savers! The nick-knacks! The all-in-one 11-piece extra-long coordinating bedding!

Like these things: (all courtesy of Bed, Bath and Beyond)

Fits under your mattress for easy access. How many times did I almost break my neck digging my cell phone out from between my 600 pound bed and the wall?

I LURVE that these have hoodies and aren't long - because I'm short, my robe always drug the ground - GROSS!

I had a long, plastic tub for under bed storage and anytime I needed something out, it was nothing short of an Olympic trial to maneuver. This thing has POCKETS! And a HANDLE! And is MESH so it doesn't weigh 4,000 tons when trying to bring it up or down THREE FULL FLIGHTS OF STAIRS! Swoon.

This thing is the Holy Grail of College Must-Haves that I didn't have... SIGH. It goes behind your bed to provide shelving above your head! It has a cup holder, a clip for your phone charger cord and a dock for it, adjustable shelving and hooks for your knick-knacks. I MIGHT HAVE ACTUALLY STUDIED (mom, you didn't read that - it was a complete illusion...) had this been available...


I want a do-over!

The Fabulous People at Bed, Bath & Beyond have amazing resources (that I must admit, I'm completely jealous of) available for the college-bound student. My absolute fav is this checklist:

Additionally, I'd recommend signing up for their mailing list, go here to do just that!

And coming soon (whenever I can manage to actually host a giveaway...) is this amazing 11-piece dorm essentials set:

(more on THAT later!!)
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  1. Where was all this stuff when I was in college?!!! Gee - no wonder some kids never want to leave college! LOL!

    ~ Jennifer

  2. I am such a school supplies and back-to-school organizer junkie!

    I never lived in a dorm but I would have loved some of the stuff available now, way back when!

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  4. I was thinking the same thing when we got that flyer! :-)


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