10 July 2009

Drum Roll.....

We have a winner people! Yes, 44 minutes late... but, you know... WHATEVER

The custom piece provided by Donya from The Pitter Pat House goes to:

So, Erica... you have till Sunday night-ish to let Donya know exactly what you want and what size and whether she should make it while standing on her head... you know... WHAT EVER YOU WANT! (I'd like to personally request that you ask her to do this while also straining herself in some manner... but that's just how we roll...)


Erica, just head on over to The Pitter Pat House's BRAND NEW SITE and grab Donya's email. That way, Donya can get started on your amazing win. Oh, and we totally want pics once you get it!

Make that baby POSE!

To all those who didn't win, Donya and I have been scheming planning a future giveaway, so come keep visiting her site and this blog for details.

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  1. i've always wanted to see my name in lights... uh... on a blog? haha! woohoo i've never won anything! so excited!!


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