15 July 2009

For The Record...

My mom told me not to post this:

(crappy quality, but HILARIOUSITY at its finest)

Yes, for those who stumble upon this, Chase is a BOY (penis and all). My husband never cracked a smile. However, Conner was laughing his arse off saying things like "Momma! Chase is not a GIRLLL!"

Sorry Chase.

(PS - I cleaned my counter tops this morning....)


  1. In the first picture I was like "who's the little girl?" and then for the 2nd one, I realized - hey - she did that to Chase! :) Can I say I'm jealous? Caroline's hair is growing in weird and I can't wait to do pigtails, but I can't yet. Sigh.

  2. Anonymous15 July, 2009

    These pictures should probably be filed under "How to Embarass Chase in Front of Future Girlfriends"...

    ...and should DEFINITELY be filed under "To Be Played on SlideShow at Chase's Wedding Reception/Rehearsal"

  3. That's funny! I use to paint my boys' toenails (just clear) because they were so interested and it was the only way I could paint mine in peace. . . my husband noticed their toes were shiny and he had a FIT!!! :P

  4. My 2yo son asks for his hair to be in a "hair tie" all the time, I need to get a photo obviously! Does a nice job keeping his hair out of his eyes, too, since he won't let us cut it.

  5. you are SO wrong!!! lol

  6. HILARIOUS! His wife will LOVE those one day!! haha We've put bows in landon's hair before! so funny

  7. Aww...he's like my Will - one of those that's too pretty to be a boy (not really but I've heard it a lot). Will could be dressed in the most boyish outfit EVER and people would still comment on how pretty that little girl was!

    One day, he was playing in some (girls') clothes a friend have given me to pass along to another friend. Out he came in an Easter hat. It was then that I realized that he would have been a pretty girl! It all made sense in a weird sort of way.

    But I didn't take pictures. Darn. Or blog about it. Double darn.


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