13 July 2009

I am SO Not Cranky: Not Me! Monday

This week for Not Me! Monday: Amanda is NOT a total Grumpy McGrumpster.

It was not me who spent the weekend wondering "when the BANANAS am I going to get a WEEKEND!" - I did NOT get up at the same, crappy time and make two breakfasts for two kids, and then get their hair combed and teeth brushed and medicine administered - All while my husband DID NOT watch tv while lounging on the bed.

It was also SO NOT ME that practically steamed from my little brains when aforementioned wedded partner spent at least 6-10 cumulative hours playing some VERY INAPPROPRIATE game in the main living space ALL WEEKEND.

I did not take a nap after turning down a solicited offer for a "marital conversation" only to awake to the husband ORDERING OLIVE GARDEN - Praise Jesus - but that WASN'T ME!

It wasn't Amanda who killed a wasp on the ceiling directly above table full of freshly washed laundry using a long, soaking stream of (surely) very potent poisons - only to then scrape the dead wasp off the kitchen floor, gather the top layer of clothes and throw them in the wash. Oops! Not me!

It's also not me that has spent the last week getting myself and the children dressed off of that table as opposed to actually PUTTING AWAY THE LAUNDRY. Ha! NOT ME!

I am not using this Not Me! Monday to vent about my weekend - and it's sooooo not helping :)


I was not an hour late in posting the winner of my giveaway on Friday due to an odd combination of working out too late, dealing with a 4-year-old that is now available on eBay and a 19-month-old who seems to have that rash, AGAIN!

I didn't enjoy it IN THE LEAST picking a winner that I found through Not Me! Monday!


Who has 2 product reviews to write up, 1 endorsement and 1 set of interview questions from a bloggy network to finish all while attempting to maintain The Funny? Oh, well... NOT ME!

Who is not spending another part of her Not Me! Monday complaining? NOT I!!


It's not me that was awoken to earthy-shattering thunder at 5 AM after planning to take the boys swimming today... sigh

It wasn't me that took Conner to Burger King just to get a ridiculously overpriced and equally as anti-climatic Transformer toy on Sunday. It was not Conner who asked me after we received our order "will you peez check da bag, momma?" I didn't almost die of laughter.

I am so not going to go sulk in a freshly brewed cauldron of Monday Blues b/c the kids are SO NOT CRANKY and I'm SO NOT AS CRANKY.

Enjoy your Monday! (or don't ... ;-) )


  1. Oh dear. You had a rough one. Or maybe you didn't. :) Hope this week goes better!

  2. Yowzas!!

    Isnt it funny how we need a weekend after our "weekend" with our husband home?

    Vent away Momma!

  3. Were your husband and mine separated at birth? The only difference is your plays video games -- mine watches the History & Military channels! LOL!

    Hope your week goes better!

    ~ Jennifer

  4. Gah, that was some lightning storm, huh? Power was out for 7 hours at my house.


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