14 July 2009

Marbles? MARBLES?! Where are youuuuu?

I feel like prefacing this entire entry with one very, very important note: No matter how “complain-y” I might sound, no matter how much it sounds like I’m being unappreciative or ungrateful, I am not. I am very, very thankful for what appears to be mass-chaos in my life right now. This is not a complaint, just a vent in a space that couldn’t be more right for the job.

It seems that two things are happening in my life right now:

1) Everything that I’ve worked so very hard for over the last year, and over the 5 years it took to get my degree in a related field, are finally working out. I set out with a few small goals and one large, collective goal - and it just so happens, darnit, that things are going how I’d want them to.

2) With every silver lining in a cloud, there’s also some rain. The pressure I am feeling to do all the things I need to do and to tackle the challenges set before me are heavy.

I make no attempt to hide the obvious on this blog. I am several-fold in my reasons for running The Mom Job. Some of those reasons and motivations are very similar to a large sect of the “mommy blogger” community (one which I denounce in no way, and find solace in personally) - I blog to connect with others in the same situation, to provide an outlet for myself and others about what it takes to parent children and to just… well, breath.

When I set out to purchase my own domain almost 9 months ago, fittingly, I conceived an entirely separate, yet equally as important, objective. I wanted to provide a space to feature my writing, entertain others, acquire sponsors, review products and endorse things I believed in. Collectively, I wanted to finally make me and my site a “product” or “business” in itself.

Over the past 3-4 months, a small snowball of offers came shuffling into my mailbox. I would weed out the SPAM from the legit offers, and I began replying to those. Simultaneously, I began promoting myself like a 2-cent whore on every blog listing site I deemed suitable for my site and the goals I wanted to achieve. So, ok… maybe a $5 whore… see? I have standards…

Then, over the last month, offer after offer - almost ALL legit, peeked my interest left and right.

I signed on to promote an up-and-coming website that provides a go-to source for all things from pregnancy to parenthood, to what’s for dinner and gardening.

I have more than 4 products in process of either being shipped, being "tried out", or typing up the review. All of those include giveaways, which means verifying entries, assigning numbers, having a random integer picked winner, and announcing it.

And as of last week, I signed a very lengthy contract to begin advertising with a very popular ad-provider company.

On top of all this, the government has required that bloggers, like myself, start using disclosures stating whether or not I have been paid or reimbursed for any endorsement, product review or giveaway. Additionally, the contract I signed with the Very Prestigious Ad Company will require me to stick to a strict regime of guidelines about the reviews and giveaways that, prior to signing the contract, I had already agreed to do and begun working on.

Which means this: I will now have to make a different section of this blog only for reviews and start placing all of my endorsements and product reviews there, unless they fall under those certain guidelines and can be displayed on my main page.

Did I lose you? Don’t worry… remember - this is me venting.

I don’t have an office. I don’t have hours of operation or even a planner for banana’s sakes.

I still have these children, and this life, and this house where aforementioned children destroy a room I spent an hour yesterday cleaning. For a mere 20 minutes, I was fighting with my internet connection so I could actually accomplish some of the things that are now deemed necessary to run this blog as a business, only to find this:

Again, I’m not complaining (ok, I am complaining about having to re-clean and organize that room....).

I asked for this. I wanted this and I still want this. I took countless writing class, advertising classes and public relation’s campaign courses with the full intent on using them one day (novel, isn't it?). This IS what I want to do, yet I still want to maintain the balance of having this website as an outlet for me and my readers to laugh our faces off when Conner answer the door completely naked or Chase pours $20 worth of bubbles all over my bathroom.

I still want to tell you all about my ability to ignore the laundry and manage to eat an entire extra-long chili-cheese coney and extra-large chili-cheese tots as a “lite lunch”. I still want to blog about kicking those girls’ butts at the gym.

I still need to do the dishes, laundry and make dinner. My husband wants to see me and not Me+Laptop occasionally (at least I think so….). My children still want mommy to build them leggo houses or race cars or color for hours.

I’ll still need to brush my teeth.

Or pee… yes… I still need to have time to do that.

I'm still a stay-at-home mom. My children are (obviously from the picture above) still here ALL day and yet, I'm taking on hours similar to those with a part-time or maybe even a full-time job. LE SIGH.

Balance is what I need. And an assitant... sign me up for one of those. (Oh, and a therapist... I soooo need a therapist...)


  1. Amanda -

    First - let me say that I so admire your determination to go after what you want. Sounds like everything is falling into place for you -- what a blessing!

    Second - I had to chuckle at your play area picture. Spend an hour cleaning up and it takes but 2 minutes to destroy. I was just complaining about that very thing last night after I put the girls to bed.

    But like you, I may complain, but I wouldn't change it for the world!

    ~ Jennifer

  2. huh, I'm still waiting to see what ELSE you've added to the crazy-wonderful mix! lol

  3. Anonymous14 July, 2009

    and then there is the impending.......

  4. I am very excited for you. I hope it continues to work out well.

  5. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for sharing. We start tomorrow. ”What would your children say?” Wednesday, I hope you can join in the fun.

  6. I say take it as far as you want to take it but have fun!!! Once it ceases to be fun, it's not really worth the time and effort, huh?

    I am sitting here in a family room that has been picked up about 20 times over the last 2 days and it still looks a hurricane hit it. Ugh.

  7. I love you all for even READING this much less not LAUGHING AT ME!


  8. I am almost fully trained...


    ...nowhere near licensure
    ...and you're part of my family...

    So, I guess we can just have a nice chat.


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