06 July 2009

Not Me! Monday - Not My First

I've been wanting to do a Not Me! Monday hosted by the fabulous MckMama for awhile now, but I just... well... haven't.

(It's where you DON'T post a blog about the things you DIDN'T do or DIDN'T let your children do... because we are obviously all PERFECT people... get it? Right.)

So... here goes!

This weekend...

I most certainly did NOT want to murder my husband for watching endless amounts of crappy movies on SciFi and FX. Man, were there TONS.

When we did fireworks, we DID NOT load up our children in the car, drive to the back of our neighborhood to shoot fireworks out of the driveways of houses that are under construction. We did, however, clean up our mess.

During the fireworks, I most certainly did NOT light things and throw them.... (don't worry... I threw them away from the non-murdered husband and darling children)

I did NOT consume another 10 Kit Kat bars this weekend... NOT ME!

It's Summer, but that doesn't mean I let my 4-year-old LIVE off strawberries and chocolate milk ...

After joining the Y on Thursday (eek!), I most certainly DID NOT laugh at my husband when he tried to get off the treadmill and fell on his arse (well, face... really) - twice. (Actually, I really didn't laugh the first time, but when he tried to get up and did it AGAIN, I definitely DID NOT laugh then!)

I also DID NOT tell my husband I wouldn't blog about this... oops! Good thing I'm not!

It wasn't me that gorged herself on cajun boiled red potatoes for 2.5 days straight...

Today.... It's not me letting my children watch HOURS of tv today because I'm just plain SORE from running 2 miles on the treadmill (without FALLING like someone I know, NOT that I mentioned that)...

And lastly... That girl that just ran her plants outside to get some rain for the day in nothing but a long-ish t-shirt was most certainly NOT ME! (*blush*)

(It also is SO NOT ME that is hosting a giveaway for an adorable, customizable outfit for your wee ones! So DON'T enter by clicking the button in the top of the left sidebar...)

(this was fun, thanks Tamara!)


  1. WOO HOOO!!! Congrats on your first "Not Me, Monday"!!!

    I most certainly DID NOT love it!

  2. Anonymous06 July, 2009

    Great job on your first NMM! They are so refreshing to do!

  3. how in the crap do you link to people and it show up their name instead of web address? I did NOT just ask this question b/c I should obviously already know this... lol

  4. @Mama B - When you are composing a new post, you do NOT type out the word you want to be "clickable" then click the link button (looks like a grey chain link with a green circle/globe under it). That will pull up a box, enter the URL in that and press ok/done/enter.

    There you go! It should be highlighted!

  5. Congrats on your first "not me"! I did NOT enter the contest! ;-)

  6. Great job, very entertaining. A word of warning, make sure your DH does not find out about Spike TV. Mine found it somehow and now I get to watch Ultimate Fighting and Manswers after my kids go to sleep. Not like I ever subject him to The Bachelorette or Make Me a Supermodel, no NOT ME!

  7. What a GREAT first NMM! Chocolate Milk and strawberries...sounds like a good diet to me!

  8. Thanks Amanda! I meant to "follow" when I visited earlier, but the kids were making noise . . . something about being hungry, blah, blah, blah! ;-) Your blog is really cute! A B'ham girl??? That's where we moved from!!! In fact, two of my babies were born at Brookwood! :-)

  9. Great first NOT ME! Happened to come across it through MckMamas...keep on Not Me'n!

  10. just over from mckmamas to check out a newbies nmms! Good job. hope to see you on there again next week :)

  11. Hi there! Hopping over to visit from MckMama's Not Me Monday post! Welcome to the Not Me circle -- careful, it's addictive! I really enjoyed reading your blog - especially about the Kit-Kats! Have a great week!

    ~ Jennifer


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