28 August 2009

7 Quick Takes: I Really Don't Eat My Neighbors, Swomise.

Dark nail polish is pretty much the only thing I can get away with without looking like a hooker. And really? It's still borderline hooker. But hey... aren't we ALL borderline hookers? No?

Or Black?

Doesn't REALLY matter since I bought them both.

I just chipped my index fingernail's polish on my left hand while uploading the picture of my left hand. Clearly it's a little too emo for blog posts. Get over it, hand.

Wow. I'm clearly losing my marbles - or I really do have an idle hand...

TOTALLY related note:

Actually, that's not a "note" at all... that's a picture.

And it's a picture of my dinner from two nights ago. Eh, scratch that too - I ate it again last night.


Recipe as follows:
1 lb. ground beef
1/4 cup bread crumbs (I use the Italian ones - for obvious reasons...)
Dash of garlic powder
Dash of onion powder
Dash (or 4) of red pepper flakes
1-2 eggs (depending on size)
Spaghetti Sauce

Mix dry ingredients with meat. Form balls (hahahahahahahahaha - i'm really a 6-year-old boy, *cough*.. sorry..ahem) and place in a pre-heated pan lightly coated with cooking spray. Cook evenly on all sides, turning frequently. Once the balls are thoroughly cooked, pour in 26-30 ounces of your preferred spaghetti sauce (I use Hunts w/ roasted garlic...). Allow to simmer on medium/low for about 15-20 minutes.

Brown sourdough bread.
Cut balls in half (ouch) and sprinkle 4-cheese Italian blend over top before cutting in half and having to use a frickin' fork because this thing is super messy.
All messy food is good.
Rule. Of. Life.

We have leftovers.
We also have new neighbors.
Wonder how the new neighbors would feel about my old leftovers. I assure you they [the leftovers] are yummy.
I'd assure you the neighbors are yummy, too... I just haven't tasted them first hand.
I always quality test-taste my neighbors.
It's in the covenants.
I'm not making any of this up.
I really do have leftovers...

Speaking of tasty neighbors that I haven't tasted introduced myself to yet and probably won't until one day when I wander out to the mailbox with two half-naked children and I'm in my pajamas and it's 2 in the afternoon and I haven't showered... on a Wednesday..., what's the appropriate "wait time" for said introductions?

These delicious kind people have relocated here from... eh... Wyoming? Or something crazy like that... It's either Wyoming or Nova Scotia. I can't recall at the moment.
They've had a barrage of people in-and-out-and-in-and-out-and-over-and-WhatAreYouPeopleBuildingOverThere,ACircus? The typical Lowes delivery (or THREE?!?), cable, contractors, maids (le sigh...), moving vans galore... you get the picture. They are Air Force. The whole friggin street/neighborhood is Air Force - I kid you not. (i like it - tell NO ONE).
I saw Him once... I think... not totally sure about that, but he was busy speaking to the Neighbors Who Hate Our Dogs (grrrrreat) and I was....er... jamming out in my car post-grocery run? Yeah. I was. And I didn't stop... oops.

When do I suck it up and invade their new space with some delicious brownies? (ps - they have 4 kids, haven't seen (or heard) one yet... nor have I seen the wifey... I'm guessing they aren't like MOVED IN moved in...)
Time frames people, I need time frames!

You do realize that by this time next week we will be ONE FLIPPIN' day away from the start of college football?
Better yet...
SEC Football?
(she doesn't blog - I know, I know... those people DO exist)

And the congregation said - Amen.

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  1. I'm laughing at the dark nailpolish. Tried about 3 different colors on at home this morning....really wanted to put some on, thought I was too old, questioned 'is this too wintery', and all that crap. Decided who cares, I'm putting it on later. The hooker idea didn't pop into my head, but now it will when I look at my saucy fingers! Too funny!

  2. FYI - I'm liking the black. I can't get away w/it. I'm too old (old hooker trying to look young, not good). As far as the neighbors... hey, I say you were there first so it is totally your right to barge on over there and demand to know who these people are. Especially if they have 4 quiet kids??? What's up with that. Ya know, take the brownies though so they don't think you're just being nosy. :)

  3. I like both colors. Black polish covers in one coat which is nice. Well, the one I have does. You may have convinced me to buy grey. Me likes.

    I need to make meatball heros again soon thanks to you. We use ground turkey but I might make some beefy BALLS this time around ;)

    Take the brownies over soon. They can them eat while procrastinating on unpacking. Although maybe the maids did that for them.

    As for the football starting. WOOOO HOOOO!! Football makes me happy!!!


  4. That was the wildest 7QT I've ever read! Thanks for making me laugh!

  5. I think orange and blue nail polish would be much prettier...

  6. I vote for black. Or gray. But probably black.

    And I don't think there's any time limit on visiting your neighbors. Go soon and in the middle of some heavy lifting if you don't want to actually talk much to them, or later when they seem more settled if you think you'd like to get to know them a bit better. Either way? Brownies will be welcome.

  7. Being a navy wife from canada it isn't uncommon for the hubby to go to his posting first to get things settled and wifey and the kids show up a little later. And if he is Canadian and posted in the U.S. he is lucky or maybe he was doing a stint witht he Canadian Armed forces in Nova Scotia. There is a Airforce base in Greenwood NS.

    Do you find a lot of the AF wives are major gossips?

  8. @Avoiceofmyown - The wifey and kids showed up this weekend. Well, another van showed up so I am assuming it is the wifey and childrens...
    I've heard that the AF Officers' wives are gosspiy BUT haven't experienced it first hand. Well, at least the ones on my streets are nice - but also? For some reason or another? We have TWO AF Chaplain wives on this street - so they are "less gossipy" than the other wives...

  9. Now that i think about it when we lived in military housing there was an AF hubby with an asian wife. She was very sweet. He meet her on a tour of duty in her home country. Maybe they meet their wives, fall in love and bring then home? did the kids look Eurasian (half asian?)If not maybe she was the nanny. In my neighbourhood asian nannies are common especially Filipinas.


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