22 August 2009

As Seen In My Closet

I came home from the "Sit On Tiny Chairs" Night at Conner's preschool (slash church), and immediately had to get out of my Grown Up Clothes.

Off to the closet to undress I did go, only to find this:

Not in total understandment as to why my metal coat rack (never been installed in this house... used it in college) was hanging oddly on a clothes rack, I yelled out "what happened in the closet?"

Mike returned "I don't know..."

Conner came running with a grin on his face.

He exclaimed "You put all the clothes like this (stretches both of his hands out length wise) and then you do this (let one side go) and then the clothes go like this (uses his hands to show me long ways...) and it is JUST LIKE IN THE 'MMERCIAL!"

I immediately knew he was referring to this "mmercial" (commercial):

(I had to google  "hanging thing as seen on tv" and then "clothing space saver hanging thing as seen on tv" - the second one worked...)

It's a wonder hanger!

He retold the story a few times with variations like "just like I see on the t.v." and "it's good for your clothes".

Conner was ultra-proud and we all had a laugh (well... Conner and I had a good chuckle).

And not to leave Chase out, apparently while I was gone he walked around asking "Momma? Where is you?" - how DARE I leave the house? Gasp.


  1. Look how resourceful your little man is! :)

  2. hi-larious! He'll make a wonderful inventor.. lol


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