10 August 2009

Not Me! Mother Fail OR A Month Early -Your Call.

Not Me! Monday, hosted by MckMama herself!

Ok, so you are all wondering (humor me..) what happened with Conner's Pulmonology appointment last week right? Well, you'll have to keep wondering.

BECAUSE - it's Not Me! who got dressed, loading 2 screaming banshee's in the car, drove 2 hours to Birmingham (went to have blood work done myself for the craziness that ensues) only to be told that I'm about a month early.
I win.

Apparently, I put it on the calendar on my phone (with alert reminder) for the original appointment before God Did His Thing and set Donya in motion to get the who thing moved up. Yeah... I never deleted the first appointment and it's reminder from my phone... which was for August 5th.... oops. (REAL follow-up in September! Remind me.)

I did not eat a pulled pork BBQ sandwich for breakfast this morning (from Jim N' Nicks) (swoon)

I most certainly did not! watch Army Wives last night.

On the same note, I didn't totally love it either (hehe)

Yesterday, it was NOT ME! that found herself watching 2 back-to-back episodes of Bridezillas. I just don't get how any one could A) agree to go on a show featuring how dramatic/spoiled/OCD/demented they are all the while trashing their family and embarrassing their husband-to-be and B) how any one could BE that b**chy!

Who hasn't gone grocery shopping in 9 days AND hasn't cooked a meal in over 7? Not me! (but I haven't been sick for 7 of those either... so.)

I'm not still upset over my computer being shipped to No Where Land Texas. (sniff!)

I'd say it's me that's a little upset about not taking Conner to get new clothes for preschool - but he is still in 2T/3T clothes and I can't justify buying more of those - so, it's not... me...sigh...

Pandora Radio app for the iPhone isn't total awesomesauce, and I didn't spend 3.5 hours listening to it last night before falling asleep. Nope! Not me!

My sweet little Chase doesn't click like a dolphin. I'm not proud of his new found party trick nor do I think it's really frickin' neat.

And lastly, it's not me that's a little stressed right now but finding comfort in the solace of my pantry. Yummers. Guess it's also not me that needs to go fill it up! (and not so bad since I have some weight to gain back!!!)


  1. Oh yikes on the early appointment! And I'm a HUGE Army Wives fan too -- especially since I AM an Army Wife! LOL! I DVR'd last night's episode and am trying hard not to put the girls to bed early so I can watch it in peace! LOL!

    ~ Jennifer

  2. You know what's funny? When i think of you, I think of the Brigid Brannagh character on Army Wives. I've seen your pictures, etc. but I think it's close enough that she is kind of what comes to mind. I haven't had a DVR since season 1 and I can't stay up that late most of the time, and when I do, DH doesn't want to watch it, so I am, alas Army Wives-less. Very sad. I miss it.

    Have a great day! Hope you are feeling better!

  3. After all of that, all I have to say is if you need a fat transplant...I'm your girl...


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