15 August 2009

Table For None

Frank Sinatra still makes me hungry to this day.

Dim lights, twilight ceiling, leopard print lap napkins and tables brimmed with wine glasses. Snobby chefs and a bustling wait staff - but only too busy behind the swinging door. Clients do not like a waiter that looks too busy.

"The Lady Is a Tramp" still makes me want to draw lobster butter over an open flame. It still makes me walk briskly and set plates down without even the quietest of noise. The dining room is not that different from a ballet stage - featuring quick, fluid movements that all appear planned.

Those starry-eyed couples, swooning over lemon-drop martinis and a well-picked Chardonnay still come to mind when my iPod shuffles to "Witchcraft"...

Something about that job trained me for life. Not all of life, but little parts. In that restaurant, I realized how effective a confident, yet persuading, presence can be. 

How the classics are well-received and understood in the right setting. How elegant the simple things can be if they are overly priced.... or at least... seem elegant. That money can buy you lobster, but not a dinner date. That the right client seems like the right client until you are left with the tab and they are with another business partner at that same 400 dollar table two days later.

That life is cut-throat, sometimes.

That no matter how great the music is, it's still crazy in the kitchen.

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  1. I second this! Absolutely. I've worked a long time and, no matter what, it's the hardest job I've ever had.


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