26 August 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Miss Universe Edition

Whoever this chick was/is... Chase was really into her...

I didn't stick around the channel long enough to figure out if she won, nor can I even remember what "country" she is... but if she DID win, Chase has a future in... um...  swooning over the most beautiful woman?
That's my boy.

Dear Chase,
Lose the stuffed animals before chasing after Miss Universe Material.

(There's a reason why I don't do 'Wordless Wednesdays' - I can't shut my face)

(Mom Job Points to anyone who wants to tell me what country this lovely lady is... Chase needs to know where to fly to - and I don't feel like googling)


  1. I loved the pageant this year- due to pregnancy I could watch the entire thing while eating ice cream and I never once felt the need to drop to the floor and do crunches! score!

  2. It's either Uraguay or Canada, I think. I can't tell from your shots. :) And I just spent more time looking that up than I should have. lol.

  3. I love watching these pageants. Usually. Until the person I wanted to win is dropped. Then I get bitter.

  4. ooohhh... I think she's Miss Uraguay! Thanks!!
    Erin, it was this or 'Mean Girls'. I watched both. : )


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