02 August 2009

Yeah.... Interesting Isn't The Word.

The next two weeks of summer should be interesting.

And by "interesting", I mean I am both busy and not and I really REALLY hope Conner doesn't take on that Special Form of Monster that he does so well because people, he's got 2.5 weeks till school starts back. That's approximately 2.4 weeks too far away.

Well, that's kinda a lie.

I hate yanking him out of bed, shoving food in front of him, and throwing clothes on him, only to rush him off to school and then wait an entire 2.5 hours to go get him. Just seems like a lot of work for nothing. But, it's not "nothing" it's "preschool" and not just ANY pre-school, but Pre-4. That's practically college, right?


And this year, I get to do it 3 times a week instead of two. I'm not complaining. Yet.

So this time last year, I was having some wishy-washy feelings about him starting school for the first time. TOTALLY justifiable as he turned out to be exactly what I was afraid of - "that kid". That annoying one in Time Out for un-Godly amounts of time. The one that does time in the Principal's office when - get this - they don't even technically HAVE one because it's CHURCH and Conner is acting up like THAT in GOD'S HOUSE. For shame, kid, FOR. SHAME.

You don't just have to answer to me, Conner, but God might be a little ticked off that you knocked over the last 3 people in your path and planned a massacre with your sidekick to shove the entire play table into the wall throwing 6 to 8 of your classmates into last week's coloring project. Brought to you by the letter "F". Yup, the letter "f"...

Ya know... no pressure to straighten up your act kid. I did get you baptized, but that's only going to last for a bit. I'm not sure on God's age limit for "youth", but I get the feeling you are on his "special circumstances" list.

Oh that's horrible of me to say.

Conner's on MY "special circumstances" list.

So, yeah.

Next week is his first pulmonology check-up - yup, it's been almost 3 months! That's a totally separate update/post in itself, which will OBVIOUSLY happen post-checkup (because I'm known for my follow through on my blog, right? stop laughing. seriously.).
I get the pleasure of driving to Birmingham all by my lonesome and then driving back the same day. It occurred to me to stay overnight, but I positively despise packing and unpacking for ONE FREAKING night by myself. Especially when said night will last all of 2 hours before bed time...

That breaks up the week pretty well.

Then, next week I might have a mini-stroke because my calendar is wide open and it'll probably be 145 degrees outside OR tornadoe-ing OR 42 and raining. WHO KNOWS!? Then again, I'm implying that my children enjoy playing outside. Strike that. CONNER doesn't enjoy playing outside. Chase is WAY busy eating sand. From the sand box. Where the spiders live.

I rock at life.
Chase just likes to rock:

(Hehehe. He likes my iphone/ipod.)

The week after that is Conner's first day of school. This one hour gig that I didn't freak out about at all last year. Yeah....

Guess summer's over?
(When's September?)


  1. cut that baby's bangs! your killing me!

  2. Oh FINE. I'll get to it.

    Actually, it was on my to-do list this weekend, but PUKING MY FACE OFF got in the way.

  3. no pity... that should have been on last MONTHS list.. geez you trying to put me out of work?!? lol

  4. Ok, put the kids in the car and drive up here for east coast beach time. That should kill a week or 2.

  5. Oh, Tamara. I love how crazy you are and how you think I'm just as psycho - because girl, you are spot on. I am simply bonkers. And.. if I came there I'd ALMOST be "bonkers in yonkers", right?

    Oh, I am also equally as retarded.

  6. Amanda... melt my heart! I think that is one of the most gorgeous kids I have ever seen. P.S. I kinda like the longer bangs, but don't listen to me... my husband has a fohawk!

  7. OMG that picture is adorable!

    Loving your blog, thanks!!


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