16 September 2009

Consider This My Christmas List. In September.

I've been kinda drained today and lately (mentally, emotionally, physically, and about 2 other things I don't know the names for), so I'm just going to do a post on the things I absolutely heart, totally recommend OR want so badly my face hurts.

First, there's Clinique. I've always been an advocate of their Moisture Surge Extender Thirst Relief.

It doesn't contain oil, doesn't clog pores, gives me an extreme amount of moisture without ever feeling heavy or even THERE for that matter. It's a little pricey (I buy the larger size - 2.5 ounces for $46.50), but I use this daily after showering and I literally use a tiny, tiny dot on 3 places (my chin, my nose and my forehead). Those itty bitty dots go a LONG way.

Also from Clinique, and brought to my attention via Glamour Magazine (this month's sanity is brought to you by Glamour...), is their new Superbalanced Powder Makeup (SPF 15).

This is a mineral makeup in a whole new way - it's not messy! See, it comes solid with a "grinder" on the top, so you simply shave off what you need for an application and apply starting in the middle of your face and working outward in circles. It provides moderate coverage (I find the coverage to be exactly middle ground between my covering powder [also clinique] and my liquid base [clinique again]). Great stuff!

Moving away from makeup and Clinique...



These are from Steve Madden:
The "Jessi". I need a size 6. First person to buy them for me gets their choice of a home cooked meal or a hand job (no relatives, please) (on the hand job that is) (I'm JOKING mom) (everyone else - seriously, offer's there) (MOM! STOP READING!)

I have this purple and grey striped dress. It's a sweater dress. I've NEVER worn it... it's probably because it was missing it's Sole Mate (haha... get it?) (of course you do):

Pleaseandthankyou. I would never purchase these myself unless I had my own job and my own money, nor would I ask for them for Christmas because I like practical gifts ... but say I WON these shoes or I received them from a random stranger? OR they weren't 80 bucks? Yes, then I'd own these darling puppies. (Dear Steve Madden, send me these shoes and the ones above and I am forever your slave. Love, Amanda)

Moving on...

I had a dream a few weeks ago in which I had a mustard yellow patent-leather tote bag. The dream was not ABOUT a mustard yellow patent-leather tote, but it was something from the dream I remember vividly. Ok, really... I remember the whole dream, but this is the only thing from that dream that I was wearing/had with me that I don't actually own - and for some reason that seemed odd to me...
Ok, I'm odd.
But still.
I want that tote. And in my dream I used it to carry my computer. I do not own a laptop bag, but it would be useful... and I think what's more fun than a huge mustard yellow patent-leather tote for your laptop!?! Nothing.
So, I found the bag:
In full disclosure, I have to say that I'd take ANY bag that looks similar to this one. It just has to be:
- Mustard Yellow
- Patent Leather (or similar)
- and large enough to fit my laptop in

Commence The Googling.

And the purchasing.

I don't really prefer gift wrapping- kind of a waste. Just put it on my front doorstep.
Wait, don't you dare leave my purse in the rain! Bring it inside and put it in my arms.

Oh man, I have no reason to own this but it's fabulous:

Jessica Simpson. Swoon.

And then we have my final item for Wish Listing, bangles. And not just ANY bangles, but turquoise bangles.... and then these others I found that I loved loved.

Those were at Dillards. $25 bucks a pop! Absurd. Or maybe I'm just cheap. :)



  1. FYI - Target at Eastchase has a VERY similar leather mustard yellow tote for around $25 - which is pretty damn cheap for a purse. that is if you want to brave the montgomery rain this week.

  2. $25 per bangle?!? are people insane??? Maybe you'll get to do a Steve Madden giveaway. I hereby promise in print to give you the ugly- uh awesome- shoes should I win such giveaway.... sorry I am an ugly Crocs kinda girl, I swore my loyalty to them after my 1st pair. I am now on pair 395.

  3. Hannah _ I replied via twitter. Mike wouldn't let me purchase it. SAD FACE.

    @Bonnie - $25 per set. Sucks.

    @AVoice - I KNOW! I have tried SOOOO many lotions and this is the only one that meets all my requirements!

  4. I seriously want to shop right now. A friend recently spent almost $300 bucks at the outlet mall about a week ago - on Coach purse and new clothes and I am SO JEALOUS. I want new stuff! Look for my similar post in the near future.

  5. If its a good purse and reasonable bangles you want~ Girlie Girlz in downtown springville is your best bet. Every purse i get is from there. If you and your mom share taste-im sure you do. She could definetly get some pre-Christmas shopping done for you. I love that place.

  6. a few days late, but i will completely be stealing this blog and leaving my own secret list of i wishes which also includes a new purse/tote in mustard yellow...SOO WEIRD!!

    many thanks to chasity for the springville store! if i ever have money again i just may make a pit-stop.


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