09 September 2009

Duck Duck, Wild Things and Girls Who Don't Like Bugs

At 10:15 on a Friday night, Conner entertained a set of 7 grown adults for an hour with a riveting game of duck-duck-goose.

It's a newly acquired "skill", this whole "play a game once at school and somehow retain the rules", and he was super stoked to have a room full of unfortunate souls willing participants.

He's been in an interesting stage lately. He brought a book to me on Thursday for the first time in his life... wanting me to READ it, not color ON it or rip it to teeny tiny pieces... We read Where the Wild Things Are - telling because it's about a boy who acts out and is sent to his room without supper (he always says "SUCKER, hehe... he wanted a LOLLIPOP!" sheesh).

While the boy is in his room for "time out", he imagines he sails to an island where the Wild Things live and they make the boy their King, but after "hours" and "days" and "weeks" of Good Wild Fun, the boy realizes he wants to go home where he is loved best. And he returns to his room, to find his dinner waiting for him - and it's still hot...

I read that book 20 times in an hour one day (TV! OFF!), and he memorized a version of what happens on each page and enjoys "reading" to you at night.

Supa dupa adorable.

And he's on this kick of telling the longest stories you've. ever. heard. One night, I listened to Conner tell Michael about his day at school. The story, no lie, consisted of one run-on paragraph for an entire 15 minutes.

It started getting to the Hour Of Way Later Than It Should Be For A School Night, so I walked to the door and poked my head in.
me: "Conner, you need to go to sleep."
Conner: "Momma, can I tell you something?"
me: "Of course, sweetheart"
Conner: "Girls do not like beetles. That is what I learned at school today"

Well, excellent. Those tuition checks are worth their weight in.... tuition checks...

**Update: I will not be taking him to the movie. I can't justify ruining the only book I can actually get him to read right now. If he sees the movie, he won't want the book anymore. Sorry, kid!


  1. They are coming out with a Where the Wild Things Are movie this year, have you heard? I saw part of a preview at Harry Potter the other day.
    My mom always had the rule that I had to read the book before I saw the movie. (Which is why I didn't see Gone With the Wind until I was 15), I'd say this qualifies. :)

  2. I am a firm believer that all four year old boys should have a copy of Where the Wild Things Are and have it read to them as often as they want. Ethan's still in the phase where he will only really tolerate books that rhyme. He's a fan of the Llama Llama books (Mad at Mama, Misses Mama, but he'll get there.

    Yay Amanda!

  3. [Close parens after second Mama]
    That's what I get for getting fancy with italics.

  4. Truely one of my favorite books. I got all goose-bumpy when I heard they were making a movie from it. I'll be taking my 3-year old boy who is just starting with the "acting out" and getting sent to his room. (We don't do the "without supper" thing here)


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