28 September 2009

How To Stop A Child From Becoming A Murderer

Saturday I went through Conner's preschool folder. You know, the one with a week's worth of "art", which I must add is not his favorite thing to do. He just rushes through it, doesn't enjoy coloring at all. Typically, he just colors over peoples' eyes (creepy) and that's it.

Apparently, the assignment was to color something that corresponds with a Bible verse that I am assuming the teacher read aloud and explained (or I could assume he's that frickin' brilliant but then I'd have to pull him out of school because we can't have all the other kids feeling bad about themselves and honestly? I enjoy my 3 hours a day for 3 days a week without him. Call me selfish, but he's staying enrolled).

Here's what I found:

People!! Let's have one of those art meaning convos. K?

Here we have a slightly abstract mono-color in crayon medium. Notice the mouth-less face - clearly a nod to feeling oppressed as a young child with limited means of self-expression. The disconection between the head and body portray the artist's feelings of being incomplete or separated. The burning cross in the back ground must represent the burning cross this child might one day leave on the yard of some poor girl because she dare not go to the sock hop with him. Eh. Maybe not. But maybe it represents the target 'x' in a sniper's view and he's watched way too many video games.

The most prominent feature I'd like to point out are the eyes. ARE THEY BLEEDING FIRE? Did someone GOUGE THEM OUT? Are they firey hot eyelashes? WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY CHILD?

Do I keep this as evidence that I didn't screw him up rather he was BORN THIS WAY?!?

Sheesh kid. No "Catcher In The Reye" for you. Eat THAT oppression.

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