11 September 2009

O! The Sacrifice!

On the way home from the beach, I was a Girl On a Mission. I called at 8:30 AM just to make sure they would be serving food - and the nice lady on the phone confirmed they opened at 10.

Thank God.

I bypassed the infamous LuLu's - known for its fabulously fresh seafood and amazing sandwiches. She's also the sister of Jimmy Buffet.

Then, I kept driving right on past Lambert's - Home of the "Throwed" Rolls (bothers me they say "throwed"). Who doesn't want fresh, hot, super delicious bread being chunked at their face mid-meal? I want!!

And finally, I reached Mecca. Or really... something a lot like it. Something I've yearned for since leaving Birmingham, where this place was solely responsible for ALL the weight I managed to gain during Pregnancy Number 1... and pretty much the reason said weight stayed for the next year... (yum!)

Ahhh... Milo's. Be still my heart. If Heaven 'aint a lot like Milo's....

In Memory of those who perished on 9/11: Check out My 9/11 Story. Never. Forget.
A list of those lost that day from CNN.

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  1. Yum!!! Weve got a Milo's 5 maybe 10minutes from where we live- next to a Chick-fil-a. And I wonder why I gain weight so easily?!?! {sigh} I think I'll get in on some of that action tody.


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