04 September 2009

The Obedient Child Goes Potty

Ahhhhhhh, Chase... The Obedient One.

At night, if I am busy with Conner or Other Things That Must Be Done Before Bed, and Chase starts getting antsy, I tell him "Go ahead and go to bed, Chase". He will find Michael and kiss him or find Conner and wave "bye!!" (and receive his nightly tackle... er... "hug"). Then, he'll march to his bedroom and stand beside his crib. Sometimes, he attempts to crawl in. He'll give you 5 minutes, and then wander into the hallway. If I yell "go back in, I'm coming!", he'll make a u-turn and head back to his crib side, waiting on me.

He's the Child That Listens.

Today, Chase and I were reading in the playroom floor. Suddenly, he looked uncomfortable and starting pulling at his diaper. This has happened a hand full of times over the past month, and each time I let him take off his diaper (because it's really not an issue with Chase wanting to be naked for no reason).

I got up, walked out into the living room and he followed. As I made it into the master bedroom to get a new diaper for nap time, Chase followed. Since he was naked I said "go to the bathroom, Chasey", not wanting him to pee on the carpet.

I grabbed a diaper and unfolded it, placing it on the bed, when I turned the corner to the bathroom and heard what sounded like someone peeing. In. The. Toilet.

There he was. Standing in front of the Big People Potty, peeing into it better than Mike does.

I almost barked out a laugh. What?? Was?? He?? Doing??
He can't even SAY 'pee' much less understand that this is where that happens!
Oh geez.
I congratulated him and let him flush the potty, he was ecstactic to see the waters rush around "Waaawaa!" See? He can't even say 'WATER'. How the bananas is he potty training ON HIS OWN at 22 months?

I don't think I can allow such behavior. Who does he think he is? Potty training MALE at 21-month-old... that doesn't even exist. Pfft.


  1. That is pretty awesome. I'm jealous. I can't even get my daughter to let me change her diaper without wailing. :)

  2. Kids understand so much more than we give them credit for. They're constantly watching us even when we think they're not and mimicking what we do. My 17 month old tries to put the keys in the door. It's the cutest thing he will hold them up to the door handle from the inside and get frustrated that he can't reach. You're a lucky women.

  3. That is so good though!! We hear such horror stories about boys taking years to potty train!!

    Jack likes to stand in front of the toilet and pretend he is peeing. He makes a weird pppsssshhhhh noise which sounds kinds gross but its also pretty cute. How old was Conner when he was potty trained?

  4. Congrats on the smart kid! Sometimes they'll do it if they've got the motivation. Our son started at around 20 months because he saw his older sisters go and he hates to be left behind for anything. Which is why I'm sure we'll be heading to the ER for stitches soon, as he is trying to climb trees with them.


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