12 September 2009

Obligatory Labor Day Beach Post: Yummy Pics Included!

We stayed here:

....Which happens to be in Ft. Morgan, Alabama - interesting enough, a "barrier" peninsula. It's purpose is to protect the Port of Mobile (big shipping stuff, peoples). Basically... this thing is about a 1/2 a mile wide - you can see both the Gulf of Mexico if you look south and the Bay of Mobile if you look north. It seems positively insane to me that people would build homes there. With a 10 ft. storm surge, the entire thing doesn't exist (and this happens often with Tropical Storms and Hurricanes).

See that last tiny part that is mostly white? That's where we stayed, and it is, at some points, no wider than a football field (or less). Bonkers.

As a matter of fact, 24 hours into last year's Labor Day vacation, we were put under a mandatory evacuation and spent almost 8 hours driving what normally takes 4 to get back home. It was both scary... and totally awesome...... I'm a complete weather nerd.

Both the Gulf and the Bay are filled with Oil Rigs or Platforms or Those Things In the Ocean that Get The Good Stuff... and I say... BRING EM ON! From our beach house, I could count 30 on a clear day (and there was only ONE clear day... so.)

Actually, for those who attempt to argue that these platforms are an "eye sore" and therefore we should depend on a bunch of Middle Eastern A-holes that hate Americans and hike up prices because They Can - they let me present to you, the Twinkling Of The Oil Rigs:

It really is pretty at night :) And nothing is more beautiful than domestic oil...


I had a difficult time getting pictures of Conner during this trip, but here are a few highlights:

I don't have a clue what's up with the gang signs or the dinosaur claws... it's just Conner These Days.


Oh! And speaking of hooters - I have a 'Chase Tan Line' because well... he just isn't a fan of Things That Make Him Sandy or  Water That Makes Him Chilly. He's so my son. So, he spent a lot of time like this:

Like the Obligatory Boob Grab? He's smooth like that. I've GOT to get it through to him that I'm his MOM.

Here's his non-enjoyment of all things that could be possible annoyances to His Majesty:

No sand? No water? NO PROBLEM!

He gets overloaded often with high-intensity, highly-social situations - fried and totally overwhelmed. It's during those times he just says "screw you guys, I'm going to go chill". And so he does, without any help, I found him like this:

Like I said, he's my son....

I also got a big floppy beach hat! I've always wanted a big floppy beach hat! Target! On Clearance! Originally $20something, I snagged for $5ish! WOOT!

The End.


  1. You can see where I got married on your map!

    Hope to go back for our anniversary next April -- we hardly got to spend any time actually enjoying the beach, even though we got married on it! ha!

  2. Cute beach hat!

  3. hey, we're looking for house with pool on sand for next year- can you send me info on that one?

  4. @Kristen - Yeah... we stayed at The Beach Club last year (this is 4.1 miles past that towards Ft. Morgan). It wasn't big enough for us, but it was nice. it's nice if you want drink service!

    @Katie - Thanks!

    @Bonnie - um... do you really need 5 beds and 6.5 baths? Because that's what's in that house. Meyer reality owns 95% of the houses on that peninsula, but really? I wouldn't recommend stay on it because it's 30 minutes to the grocery store and 45 to the nearest place to eat (aside from one hole-in-the-wall place called Tacky Jacks 2).
    Stay in gulf shores.
    But use Meyer Reality's website because they have houses there too.
    This place was (and it was off-season for 2 of the days, so cheaper for those two)... aroun 1,700 for 4 days.

  5. thanks! yeah we actually need at LEAST 4 bedrooms and 4 baths- a whole group of friends go for a week each fall and more want to go each year so we've outgrown our 3bd/3bt condo


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