16 October 2009

Blog Tease

Per orders? instructions? suggestions? O who knows... I'm *supposed* to keep this site up. I just don't know where to start... or when.


  1. Just glad you're back...do you plan on 'xplaining yourself chickie!?! :-)

  2. I feel like it might be either a family issue or a meaniehead Internet troller isssue, but either way....this is YOUR spot on the Internet, everyone else be damned. And if someone is upset about it or threatening you in any way, screw 'em. Or I could be way off-base. either way, I've always loved your writing and I hope it continues.

  3. That's what I thought....a "meaniehead internet troller"...but who knows...like SWG said, it's YOUR spot here..everyone else can suck it! ;)

    we just love your writing!!!

  4. When you're ready and able, you'll know where...


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