07 October 2009

Can I NOT Borrow Your Phone?

Whilest visiting a very funny (and NSFW - not safe for work...) website (Toy With Me) contributed to by Crissy, The Queen of F'in Everything in which she writes in FIRST PERSON (shocker) about ... um.. "adult stuff"... (really, it's humor, but ADULT humor...), this ad caught my eye:

Can you IMAGINE? Who abuses their phone like that? And who on EARTH decided that this was a good idea?

I will not be asking to borrow anyone's blackberry ANY time soon.

Obviously, I do not condone the use of your cellular device in any area it might get wet. Try explaining that one to the warranty people.

"So, ma'am. I suspect that your device was exposed to some moisture or condensation. I'm going to check this indicator under the battery to see if that's the case. It turns from green to red if exposed to anything wet. Can you think of any instance where your cell phone was placed under these conditions?"

You: "Well... I do use my phone as a vibrator. Does that count?"

And that's how you void your warranty. HOPE IT WAS WORTH IT.


  1. OMG - that is hysterical!!! I will certainly think twice before borrowing my friend's Blackberry again! LOL!

    ~ Jennifer

  2. LMAO! I can't decide if this is one more reason to get a Blackberry, or one more reason NOT to...


    i feel as though my blackberry has been hiding this from me.

  4. Hahahaha I just died laughing! :D


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