27 October 2009

I Might Be Starting a Blog Linky Thing That You Can Participate In!

Frequently on this site, I endorse things I simply love, things that I have tried, want to try, or just think are awesome (unpaid). Basically, I talk about things that just plain rock. Hard.

I know that there are like... no less than 1.56 billion blog carnivals, "memes", and listy-thingamajigs... so what is 1.56 billion and one? So without further ado, I would like to introduce you all to TheMomJob's Official "Things That Rock": a weekly blog linky-thingamajig where you can feature:
  • Something you love
  • Something you *think* you'd love if you could *just* buy it already
  • Anything you have seen that is awesome 
  • Things, Stuff, EVEN PEOPLE
  • Basically, anything and everything that rocks your face off
Anyone can participate.

.........and I wrote all of that (see above) last night. But this morning? I don't know what to call my blog carnival.... but I also want to include an option for you to talk about things that absolutely DO NOT ROCK. I thought about "Rocks It, Knocks It" ? No? Any suggestions?

 I will do a Mr. Linky (or something comparable) for this round-a-bout of FUN and I will make a button with a "grab it" code... don't you fret. Kicks off this Friday! WHO IS EXCITED!??!?!

(o come on) (this is fun) (seriously) (this is EXACTLY what fun looks like) (no?) (YES) (DO IT) (it MAKES YOUR BABIEZ PRETTY) (swear) (don't make me pull out the Muppet Show Mad Scientists again)


  1. can't wait- though I still lose myself on 'things that link'

  2. Sounds good to me! I'll be playing!!!

  3. Sounds like fun. I can use a break from my topics of pregnancy angst...


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