21 October 2009

I Wasn't Joking

I am not lieing - every. single. girl at the Alabama game had on:
A long top/dress/shirt/whothehellknows

I went against everything that Alabama instilled in me and wore TENNIS SHOES. I am not exaggerating when I say it felt AWKWARD and OFF and I was FIGHTING the urge to pull out my open toed pumps (in my purse, see? I couldn't even leave them at home. THAT IS HOW WRONG IT IS).

And to make matters that much worse, I was basically shoe shopping with each person that passed me.

Ankle boots, Knee highs, booties, uggs and other fuzzy like-minded versions.... o all the shoes! My head was spinning.

One thing that surprised me was frequency in which I witnessed brown boots with black leggings. I thought that was a no-no? Apparently not-so-much... Even black purses and bags paired with brown boots and black leggings. Never have I ever...

Not only did I jump on the chance to purchase a pair of boots at an adorable boutique on campus and across from Bryant-Denny (Private Gallery), but I ALSO bought brown ones and wore them WHILE CARRYING A BLACK BAG. Gah-asp.

And people. They are amazeballs.

(Pardon my white legs that appear even whiter than they are due to poor lighting) (and a lack of self tanner)

(they can be found here, cost: $36.00... yes! 36 DOLLARS! They have knee highs for 50. I know, I know..)

It was 40 degrees on Saturday. I was NOT wearing leggings (I missed them the entire time I was there)(and no, I didn't put them in my purse with my heels) (but I thought about it). So, I wore my NEW BOOTS with dark jeans, a flowy white top and a black crop jacket. Oh, and a houndstooth bangle. And pearl earrings.

The craziest thing about the 45,000 pairs of boots I saw that weekend? How many girls were wearing them with TINY skirts SLASH BARELY A SHIRT (one girl had on an orange shirt that I saw and tried on at Express last year... IT. WAS. A. FRICKIN. S-H-I-R-T) and NO leggings. I was shivering in jeans, boots, knee high socks under my jeans, two tops, and a jacket and a vodka with cranberry juice


(Noteworthy: In the SEC, girls take football seriously. To exaggerate that, the tradition of football games as a social event that requires "appropriate" dress is something very University of Alabama. On any given Saturday during football season, you can find girls from head to toe in their Sunday best, pearls and heels. Guys typically wear a nice shirt, khakis and dress shoes (pledges wear coats even). Some people laugh, some don't understand, but to me? It's not a football game if I am not dressed up.)


  1. I'm so glad someone else understands this! For the first time since I was a CHILD I wore jeans, a fleece zip-up, and tennis shoes to the game on Saturday. UGH. It PAINED me. But it was just too cold and too wet to wear anything else. I couldn't believe how other people were dressed, either. Makes me feel old.

  2. I grew up in T-town. I understand. You don't wear typical game gear. You dress. And you better bring it!

    Ok, on the brown/black thing. I am with you - or was. I thought it was no-no to mix. Then, one day, I was watching Stacy & Clinton, and Clinton said "Browns and blacks = both neutrals. It's fine to mix" - so I guess it's like white after a labor day - a thing slowly going to the wayside.


  3. I have never dressed up for a football game. When I was at Auburn (in the dark ages of the late 80's, early 90's), the only students that dressed for games were in sororities/fraternities.

    I looked at buying the boots...HA! They don't make them in ginormo wide. sad.

  4. I said the same thing from last weekend. Boots, legging, more boots and skinny jeans!!!

    I would be scared to go to the Grove - Ole Miss girls are NOTORIOUS for designer looks in the grove. Heck, they hand chandeliers from their tents over there - no joke. See them with my own eyes!! :-)_

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  6. Amanda, I think you forget what it's like to be in college. There's no such thing as cold if it is going to affect your style. ;D

  7. That's awesome. Of course, in FL, the heat until December prevents you from wearing anything but the bare minimum, so I think I might be jealous. (some people's idea of bare minimum and mine do not mesh!)

    And I love your boots. I miss boots. I used to wear them all the time when I had a life/wasn't a mom. Sigh.

  8. I DIE for those boot Missy!!! ;)

    I was shocked and basically in denial of the black with brown fashions of right now as well.

    My sister (Ms. F.I.T. herself) informaed me that it's prefectly acceptable to wear that color combo now adays. EVEN WORSE then black with brown was she wanted me to wear a GREY shirt with a black caridgan with the BROWN wedge boots! All items to die for as SEPERATES but not with the brown boots.



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