26 October 2009

I'm Sure This Is Sanitary Advice

This is how you know you are getting old and/or need a life. You get excited about a new mop. NOT just any mop though, I might add... but this mop:

A Libman wonder mop. ($10 - Target)

It's kinda fantastic.

I'm not going to bore you with a review about how and why this thing is great, but just know that with little effort, this appeared as a reflection on my floor:

I mean... my kids wouldn't DARE walk across this dude's face... that's just frightening. And those eyebrows? They might be contagious. As is the orange glow of his skin. He is basically radioactive. That's right, this mop can leave large, orange radioactive men to scare away your dirty children on your hard surfaces.


**somehow managed to actually type a few good points about this mop in the comments section... go there... it's where the cool kids hang out... **


  1. Is it really? Honestly? Truly? Because I've broken up with Swiffer and I need a Rebound Mop.

  2. I did break up with my Swiffer Vac but I am still in an on-again, off-again relationship with my Swiffer WetJet. I do have my Shark Steam mop to keep me company. Nice to know about the Libman (and Mr. Clean)!

  3. My response to Maggie -

    I broke up with my swifter too... it just kept pushing mess around. Yeah, the pad would have some stuff on it and things were obviously cleanER, but not CLEAN. I like this mop because it can get under things for a good distance (like 8-10 inches) with VERY little effort. It picks up "crap" yet still leaves my floor clean... like the crap wasn't just mushed around in circles for a bit (I hate the "residue" or "smearing" that the swifter leaves behind). For seriously, good mop.
    I used a 'traditional' mop in between swiftering... and that one has been kicked to the curb as well.

    Another good point is that you don't have to TOUCH the yucky water. The little wringer-outty thing requires no Icky Water Touching. Bonus points for the Libman.

    Head is machine washable and anti-bacterial. Suggests on the package that you replace every 50 uses. I can manage that.

    Hope this helps. Break ups are always difficult.

  4. I think I need to break up with my mop too! Next time I am in Vancouver I am making a cross border shopping trip!

  5. I'm still in the on-again-off-again thing w/ my Swiffer. I love it, Caro loves it... Of course, I use it w/ my Pinesol cleaner instead of the regular stuff...


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