04 October 2009

On Toilet Training Cats vs. Small People

A girl I know from high school was brave kind enough to share these photos with you, my dear faithful blog readers. Why do you accept my verbal torture?

For gems like this, you see...

Jenny has cats. I don't have cats. I have humans - small humans. But apparently? When it comes to potty training boths cats and small humans, it still involves quite a bit of trickery, some patience, and a pinch of humor. Ok, a gallon and a half of humor. Annnnnd flushable litter.

Step One:
Apparently, to potty train a cat you have to first get them to view the toilet as something other than a source of fresh, cold water. Which, I can see as a HUGE strike against training cats vs. small people. My kids don't normally drink out of the toilet OR try to pee in the frig. I think.

So, step 1 is to put a bowl of kitty litter in the toilet. Check.

Step Two:
Let your feline adjust:

Step Three:
After your cat/non-person adjusts to having their Fresh Water World rocked, replace the regular bowl with a "half bowl". I am too lazy to google this, but I'm sure it is much like taking the seat off a training potty and throwing it on The Big Boy Toilet. This way, the cat gets accustomed to the water.


Step Four:
Um. I guess you "wait". And then your cat does this:

I mean, this post wasn't going to be complete without a picture of a cat using a toilet. Right? Right.

As with humans, you can't exactly communicate with your cat on WHY and HOW to use the pot. You just have to brace yourself for accidents and mishaps. And a lot of poop. And pee. Lots of those things. Ugggh.

It's helpful to mention that Jenny used flushable litter. And in full disclosure, Jenny says turn off the radio (how was I going to avoid THAT?) her cat isn't 100% on this yet, but it's a "work in progress".

.............as it is with my kids..............

(For additional help with toilet training your husband cat, try googling it. It's Sunday people, I'm not linking it for you)


  1. OMG! amazing. I remember seeing this in that movie...was it Meet The Parents? So crazy, I didn't really think it was possible!! Ha!

  2. lol.... it is amazing yes... however.. I do have to say that I like the fact that I can yell at the kids for not flushing.... the poor kitty.. well... you cant yell at it without feeling bad... heehee... great pics though!!

  3. I am dying! that is freakin' hi-larious!

  4. Hilarious. Amanda, I love the sometimes randomness of your posts! :)


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