30 October 2009

Things That Rock (and some that don't): Premier Edition!

Yes. I am excited. Nothing is more fun than sharing things you love, want or absolutely loathe... except maybe blogging about it, right?

My Thing That Rocks for this week is an impulse buy from Target (ok, the entire trip was one big impulse buy... whatev) - E.L.F. makeup.

OK, ok... I'm not totally sure what they were thinking when they named this line, but the makeup is surprising. I picked up a 4-piece eyeshadow duo's kit (included were a brush/eyeliner combo). Honestly, I just liked the colors and thought it wouldn't stay or go on smoothly (which is a common problem with cheap eyeshadow). I was so sure of this that I turned the corner and purchased a more expensive brand with half of the shadow.

I came home, tried on the eyeshadow. It went on smoothly, without doing 14 applications, and the colors are beautiful. I actually love the brush and the eyeliner is... just ok. But not too bad. It went on smoothly, but doesn't stay long. Actually, 'staying power' is my only complaint with this line.

My suggestion is to put on some concelear/foundation/base/something for this to hold on to and it'll stay longer.

The best thing about ELF is their philosphy - makeup shouldn't cost a fortune... the prices start at A BUCK.

A few of my favs:

This is the Duo Eye Shadow Cream. I bought this in 4 shades online last Monday. $1

Another online purchase - Plumping Lip Glaze. I LOVE plumpers. $1 or $5 for this set:

And the best part? If you spend $10 online (including shipping... so that won't be hard...) and enter the code 'MARIECLAIRE', you can get a FREE 27-piece Mini Makeup Collection! WIN!

NOW... what would this be if I didn't 'complain' about something? It would be boring. That's the answer I'm looking for.

As part of this weekly series, I dare you all (double dare) to post something that most certainly Does Not Rock. The Opposite of rock. The Un-Rock. I feel like you've gotten my point here so I am moving on...

This week's Thing That Most Certainly Does Not Rock At All is:
This link about how a nice alternative to eating your placenta is to MAKE A EFFIN TEDDY BEAR OUT OF IT.
*insert vomitting*

Ok. Now that we've all lost our lunch, we should take a peek at the Placenta Bear, right?

Just suck it up... because I'm showing you anyways. Thank me later. Or un-thankme. Like the opposite of thank. (damnit amanda, they get it already)

ok? NO. Just... .... .... ........ ... . .. ..... .. ... ....... just no. please.

So, here's how this works:
This little thingy below is for linking YOUR Very Own Amazing 'Things That Rock (and some that don't)'... you can write them whenever you want IN the same week. I will post these on Thursdays (yes, I know it's Friday). I moved it because A) I can and B) I can and C) Because I wanted to.

Enough reasons?


Get to linking people! This should be tons of fun!
(now who wants to help me make a button? gooood)
(***Edited To Note: I have no idea why blogger decided to do double spacing on all of my new paragraphs, and even after removing the HTML code for it, it still appears. So it can eat me and you guys can maybe ignore it. Maybe. ***)


  1. wow, I was JUST wondering what to do with Kara's placenta when shes born- what a great idea! She'll love it for years to come. gag

  2. That is completely GROSS. There is no other word for it.

    I linked, but I wrote it yesterday, so I didn't have the full instructions and didn't tell you what didn't rock.

    What doesn't rock? Having to wait more than a week to find out if I have a viable pregnancy or not. That most decidedly does not rock.

  3. Hmmm...I am a little disturbed that there are placentas going places other than a hazmat/blood products trash can!

  4. I don't think I'll ever get over Placenta Bear. Never. He will haunt my dreams forever. Who the hell comes UP with an idea like that?!?!

    I am digging the ELF makeup. I'm not a big makeup wearer... but I am a sucker for great packaging and just owning that would make me feel important.

  5. Mama Fuss: I've SO been there and yo are SO right- it totally does NOT rock! Praying for you- let us know what happens

  6. HI!! E.L.F stands for Eyes Lip Face...They are great!! You are right that you need some kind of base to grab the product. But also, if you are using the creme eyeshadow by it's self and not as a base...you should really apply a layer of powder over it...either a matching eyeshadow or a translucent setting powder...applying a powder over any cream product will help it to stay longer and cause less smearing...this will work with your liners as well. I LOVED This post and have jumped on the band wagon!!


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