28 October 2009

This Post Was Supposed To Be About My Kids Having Strep Throat. Huh.

So Mike went out of town last week (Friday early through Sunday late) and I was left with the boys for a long weekend.

Which, wasn't really that bad. ISSSSSSSSH.

Mike left us with some Money So Mommy Doesn't Have To Cook A Lot, which meant we went shopping. (duh)
"Poor Mikey" has lost 30+ pounds and his clothes are fallingthecrap off. Nothing for his bottom half fits - jeans, boxers... jeans and boxers.. yeah. And then there is Conner, the Magically Thin Child... who FINALLY made his way into 3T and some 4T clothes, but of course, his wardrobe challenges are as complicated as finding out WHAT THE HELL HE WANTS TO EAT (pulling teeth, people, pulling. teeth.).

He has no waist.

He seems to be long.

Some 3Ts fit length wise, no 4Ts fit waist wise... le sigh.

I found a few freebie jeans that had been handed down to Conner from a neighbor of my mom. They were Old Navy.

"Hummmmm... Old Navy..." and a lightbulb went off. SHOPPING!

This is dangerous.

On Friday night, with two kids in tow, I hauled all our rearends to shop. After fighting Chase The Escape Artist (he is so damn sneaky) for an hour, we left with 2 new pairs of jeans for Mike (can you believe he's lost nearly 6 inches from his waist? I know. insane), and 2 pairs for Conner (a 3T and they are long), 2 mitten and ski cap sets (we NEVER have these when we need them... I AM PREPARED.. for what? O hell if I know), and 2 shirts for me (yay).

(clearly I thought I was shopping for Noah's Ark (arky arky...) (OMG what is wrong with me) ) (* sings twosey twoseys*)

We headed to Target for a mop. Just a mop.

We spent 80 bucks.

Target is like a money-warp. You walk in, your brains are bedazzled with it's awesomeness and GottaHaveThisBecauseItCosts$5AndOMGThatShouldNotBeSoCheap and by the time you are done WhoKnowsHowManyMinutesLaterBecauseWHOCARESItsTARGET you've got no less than 68 $5 things which ADDS UP. (I should be banned from caps lock) (MAYBE TOMORROW). And then you don't even care and you can't put anything back because it's all AMAZEBALLS and whatever... you'll just sell off a kid or a dog or a husband or your soul. For more Target trips.

Some of my purchases from that trip will be in my Things That Rock blog carnival on Friday. Which I am considering making a Thursday thing next time. So yeah. Be prepared.


  1. Target gets me every time!

    Also - now I have the arky arky song stuck in my head. (Thank you, years of teaching Sunday school.)

  2. I <3 Target. I wish we had them up here. This is my perfect day of cross border shopping. get up super early like 5am, leave house (borrowing my dad's car sans kid) get MCD's on the way. Go thru border crossing hit the I-5 going south. Go to wal-mart at say 7am? Check out wal-mart until target opens at 8am. Go to Target from 8-10am. Hit mall attached to target that opens at 10am. Shop till I drop go home b4 rush hour hits and be back at my pa's by 3pm.


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