28 November 2009

Oh, Maggie... You're A Winner. And Frogs. Don't Forget About The Frogs.

[but you didn't *win* frogs... you won $25 towards UpperCase Living's beautiful wall expressions..][and I'm praying that something like a blog post or a hard hit on the head from God on a daily basis will remind me to take care of these things][or to remind me to keep the top on because apparently? they like to escape the bowl and DIE ALL OVER THE HOUSE.][how dare they.]

I'm not totally sure why I've never posted the screen shots of my random winners before, but just for "HERE, SEE!"s sakes.. I thought I'd include one this time. I used this method for the bedding winner (Chasity being the winner, the prize still sitting in my dining room... SORRY). For giveaways prior to that, I would write out all the names on paper, cut them up, place them in a bowl and let Conner choose.

But tonight.. we got frogs. ALBINO frogs.[which means I am a) lazy and conner is b) busy with frogs and frog activities][which includes a) talking to frogs b) watching frogs and apparently c) tickling frogs... who knew?]



Please make sure to give UpperCase Living a few more glances, especially when considering your Christmas list.

27 November 2009

Text and Learn?

I passed by this toy at Target last week while Santa shopping charging our credit cards into oblivion browsing the shelves for good deals:

It's the Leap Frog Text and Learn... and it made my brain go all "OK.SERIOUSLY?".

I can't quite figure this one out. First off, teaching our children a commonly/frequently used social medium actually a good thing, right? Isn't this something they are going to learn and actually use anyways... so it's not all that bad of an idea? Or is it just meant to be a toy that happens to also teach texting? Is he going to want a media plan for his 5th birthday?

I just don't know. I mean... he understand the whole "keyboard on a small device" concept anyways, so it's not all that mind blowing -- I suppose it's just "interesting". I guess the only odd part I have a hard time wrapping my head around is that this makes me think learning to text is equal to learning to type. Is that strange to you?

23 November 2009

Review and GIVEAWAY for UpperCase Living

(this is going to be one of those posts that blogger choses not to post correctly and after an ENTIRE DAY of fighting it, I've given up... sorry...)
There I am, balancing myself above my kitchen sink, bare feet on the cold, slightly slippery granite countertops I had finished cleaning only an hour prior.

Michael is behind me taking pictures of my butt spotting me to make sure I didn't fall off the countertops.

Not exactly the most graceful thing and it most definitely made me dizzy (almost all in part because the meds I am on lower my blood pressure... ALL OF THAT IS OFF TOPIC).

Originally, I chose my entryway for a decorative wall expression that says "Bless this home and all who enter". BUT, when then I realized that it just seemed to look off in that location. Not sure if it's my ugly lamps or... my ugly lamps. So, I went with my backup plan - over the kitchen window

I do not know why I am approving this picture:

First, I measured the area and determining the placement of my applique. The directions say to use small pieces of tape to attach the expression to the wall. I outlined all four corners lightly with a pencil to insure that I placed the expression's back in the same place after removing the backing.

Next, I flipped the expression over, which normally wouldn't be that difficult but I managed to make ten times harder by being on top of the countertops AND on my tippy toes. Go me.

I rubbed the backing again with the tool provided and slowly began to remove the backing. 
It helped that Mike was behind me watching my butt to relieve me when my arms went bloodless or I got tired of holding my head up.

Then, I somehow managed to straddle the sink and hold both sides of this almost 3-foot-long expression level while I slowly lowered it to the wall, making sure to match the corners to my original marks.

Once re-applied to the wall, I rubbed the top surface with that transfer tool (see: green thing in that picture to the right) again and then slowly peeled the final layer off.

And... voila!

I love it!

Mine is in a chocolate brown to go with my cream molding and taupe colors.

It really was quite simple and the finished product is gorgeous, sturdy yet easily removable. I "accidentally" applied one of the guideline triangles provided on the backing paper and was very impressed how easily it came off. 

With each expression, UpperCase Living provides detailed instructions and the tool used for application. I personally loved the tool because the tip was pliable, making it easier to work than a credit card/similar object.

I've sifted through the UpperCase Living site several times and picked out a few of my favs. Aren't these great? Such a simple way to jazz up a boring wall, decorate the playroom, or add some fun to your living space.

Just a few of my favorites...

There are SO MANY! Give the website a whirl... it's tons of fun and the ideas you can come up with are endless. These can be applied to other things than walls... make a measuring stick for your children. Make a decorative plate for Santa's cookies. These obviously make excellent gifts too.

So who wants a $25 credit for the site? Yeah... I thought so.

Each comment gets you an entry, each RT gets you an additional one and each re-post gets a third entry for THREE POSSIBLE ENTRIES.

Please RT the following --  UpperCase Living decorative expressions GIVEAWAY from @themomjob on  http://themomjob.net   --

You have to leave a comment to be able to do the other two. Meaning... if you retweet and re-post but don't TELL ME YOU DID SO in the comments section of this post... no dice. Comment first, and RT or repost if you wish to gain additional entries.

I will chose a winner this weekend on Saturday around noon EST.


** I was provided the product (valued under $25) to provide an accurate description and review. Please see my Full Disclosure **

20 November 2009

The Best Excuse Ever To Use That Emergency Broadcast System Thing That Always Interrupts My Precious TV Time

I have been combing the shelves at my local Publix for Conner's daily breakfast ritual items, Eggo minis, for over 2 weeks now. Disappointed that I could not offer my 4-year-old his most precious eggo fix, I only recently (as in 2 days ago) offered a "temporary" (or so I thought) replacement - Publix brand french toast sticks.

It was this afternoon I received a text message from my mom (hi mom):
"Just wondering what you are doing with an eggo shortage..."

... and I was all "um wtf?"

So I replied with something similar to the above and then proceeded to google "eggo shortage".
I found this (titled "Eggo Waffle Shortage Shakes The Nation") (INDEED IT DOES) and this and then about 531 others.
In one article is states that one plant has been SHUT DOWN INDEFIENTLY DUE TO REPAIRS. because that makes sense. Umno. So I wikipedia'd that.
Guys they are not kidding.

A cautionary text conversation:
Me: OMG. There is ACTUALLY an eggo shortage. No wonder I couldn't find Conner's waffles!
Michael: Why!
Me: Google eggo shortage
Michael: Sorry, that just sounds crazy.
Michael: Indefinitely due to repairs?
Me: I. KNOW.

It is not crazy. It is absolute bat crap insane. No quick-fix breakfast treats? Do they expect me to start making them from scratch!?! Maybe I'll just sell my house, buy some farm land, and start raising my own chickens WHILE I AM AT IT.

Stay calm people, production of these tasty frozen breakfast savers (and savers of my WHOLE FREAKING LIFE) will be back to normal in..... wait.... omg... does that say? No. Surely... *rereads*... O Sweet Baby Jesus - in. the.summer.of. 20-freaking-10.


Wait. Let's all calm down. I just checked my freezer and I have exactly 14 Eggo Waffles in Homestyle (non-mini and therefor of no value to ConnerWhoIsSoPickyHeEvenHasSIZERequirementsForHisFood). I start the bidding at 21984798352059130487598230ur98 23750923478124809235 dollars.

18 November 2009

Thanksgiving Suggestions I Don't Suggest Passing Up. Hint, Hint

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and if your 4-year-old is anything like my 4-year-old, they are talking approximately 6.784 million words per minute about the impending holidays.

Conner, in particular, wants to know everything he can about Indians or pilgrims or turkey or more Indians. Can’t blame him either, I dream of Thanksgiving and all it’s delicious accompaniments from basically the first good cold breeze.

But being a young mom and new to the whole family traditions process is a difficult transition. Which is why we tech-savvy individuals should take advantage of all that Moms Who Think have to offer.

I’ve personally combed their resources for a few heavy-hitting Turkey Day helpers, and here are a few of my favorites. (Thank me now, or later... I sure love cashmere) (and money)

First up, Thanksgiving activities. Let’s face it - it’s darn right chilly outside (if we aren’t going through some freak 80+ “heat wave”… *aghem* I’m looking at you, last week…). Nothing says “indoor Crazy Feast” like cooped up kiddos. So I suggest this time-consuming activity to breath some sanity into your life, keep those children busy AND personalize your Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Place Mats instructions.

Place mats! It’s really a great idea. First, and most importantly, it’s a wonderful conversation piece that the grandparents will swoon over. You rack up Mom Of The Year points, and have an adorable souvenir for years to come.

I’d recommend laminating them (try your local library or hit up a teacher friend).

Of course, there’s also the Preschool Favorite hand print turkey. Maybe you could do hand turkeys on each place mat !

Also, I’d suggest using thicker stock paper, such as scrapbook paper. It’s thick enough to handle multiple Handprint Turkeys on the finished woven creation from your little Pilgrims. If you plan on putting hand print turkeys on the woven mats, I'd also suggest "backing" your mats with a solid piece of paper. Once completed, glue the woven mat to the solid piece, concentrating on the edges. This will preserve the structure. Look at me... I sound all crafty....

Next up, a few of my personal favorite recipes. Moms Who Thinks have a plethora of helpful recipes.

I’m no stranger to the traditional holiday dessert, Pecan Pie.

My mom’s is the world’s best and this recipe is oddly familiar to it. (I’m looking at you, mom)

Are you responsible for the dressing? I’d suggest this one: Old Fashioned Bread Stuffing.
It incorporates all of the classic ingredients that are sure to please your picky mother-in-law.

Of course, letting the kids help out can be a hassle, but they are more likely to eat that cornbread if they helped make it. This is a fabulous idea from Moms Who Think that encourages you to let the wee hands help out. I know Conner would enjoy being my helper. (Helpful suggestion: Instead of using all white bread, mix white bread and cornbread, using the cornbread the kids helped you bake for the stuffing.)

Instead of scouring the internet for other helpful Thanksgiving recipes, just check out the MomsWhoThink recipe section.

* Edible photos courtesy of MomsWhoThink
**Please see my Full Disclosure. MomsWhoThink.com provided a small monetary compensation for this post.  I only take paids gigs for sites or products I endorse. That means I both enjoy MomsWhoThink AND was paid to talk about it. It’s a win-win.

15 November 2009

Confessions Of A Santa Clause

Dear Conner,

Your mother and father just failed hardcore.

We decided that on a late Sunday evening, we'd haul you and your brother to the "Red Ball Store" sometimes known to you as "Target" (but mostly the former). Honestly? We only came for diapers, the fruit snacks you and Chase prefer, milk and apparently... Fall Out 3 (ask your father about that one).

But we failed you, or more so... Christmas... and Santa. See... it is Christmas time. Ok. Really it's about 3 weeks prior to Thanksgiving, but kid.. times are tough and that means stores are ramming Christmas down our throats 2 months early because we, as Americans, feel the urge to SPEND LIKE MANIACS. I digress.

Our first major failure was even steering towards the toy section. However, Fall Out 3 is located in the game area and that is right smack next to the toy section. And since it was on our NEED list *aghem*, we had to go that direction.

I found 2 games for your Leapster HALF! OFF! One was a Dinosaur counting game and the other the Star Wars reading game you've been requesting from St. Nick.

You didn't see it, but I put them in the cart. We finished our shopping and checked out without you noticing the presents.

Then we got to the car. Out of the bag fell BOTH games. You were thrilled.

In panic mode, we shoved them back into the bags and you kept rambling about them. So, once buckeled into the car, I ripped the cartridge out of the packaging.

Your dad and I started the cover-up.

"Conner, Santa has a small sleigh and it can fly, so it needs to lightweight. Santa told us to go get the package and he'd bring the game to make room for more toys for you, Chase and other boys and girls. Does that make sense?"

That might sound familiar. You bought it, but insisted "I am going to look inside when we get home."

And you did. And you found nothing but an empty package.

So we are sorry for screwing up and for lying about it. We aren't very good at this whole 'Santa Thing' yet.

Lots of Love,
Mom and Dad

14 November 2009

13 November 2009

He Deserves A Bragging Post

You might have noticed I've toned down my frequency of Conner-related tales...but that is mostly because it is apparently easier to blog about his "OMG NO HE DID'T" moments. And with that said, he has done close to a 180 with his attitude and acting out-ness. I'd call it a '130' -- room for improvement.

A few weeks ago, Conner's class had their annual Halloween party during which they recited Ephesians 4:32 (which was adorable on a whole other level) and it goes:
"Be kind to one another"
I have the video, but won't upload it because I didn't exactly walk around and get permission from every single parent -- half of which would look at me like "and what is a blog?".

(the rest of which would be all "ZOMG! U w4nT 2 pUt m4h ch1ld 0n d4h 1nt3rn3t!?!?!" seriously people? calm the eff down.)

And somehow... he really appears to understand that "being kind" gets him farther than acting out. Yes, he still has his moments and "bad days", but he is male and 4.5... so that's expected. But most of those "moments" are overshadowed by gems like:

"Momma, I love you... and I love Chasey..." -- On the way to school this morning.
"Momma, you are the BEST baker" -- While we made Halloween cupcakes.
"I hope you have the sweet dreams" -- almost every single night before we go to sleep, which is followed by
  "I hope my dreams come true"...

He is not only expressing kindness with words, but in his actions:

Yesterday, I asked him to take the laundry out of the washing machine and put it in the dryer. Without hesitation, he walked into the laundry room, opened the washer, moved over the clothes, and asked "How do I start it?". From the kitchen, I told him which buttons to press and within seconds I heard the dryer start.

When went to McDonald's ("Ole McDonald's") yesterday with his "Nonna". Conner played well, helped Chase the entire time through the play area, and (shocker) ATE HIS FOOD. I know, right?

He says "please" and "thank you" without prompt.

He HAS to open the door for you.

He really does love Chase and enjoys playing with him.

Yes, blogging was more "fun" when I could tell you about him dumping almost a gallon of syrup out across 4 rooms in my house, or how he RULED the Time Out, or how A.D.D. he gets during homework, or how many times he has tortured our dogs (etc).... but these days, his Outbursts Of Hell are fewer and farther between. He has developed more of a passive agressive attitude for his "sassy" moments. For example:

In the car a few weeks ago, after picking up Conner from school, Chase was babbleing (a LOT) when Conner looks over at him and states in a More Likely Annoyed tone "FINE... just BE crazy...WHATEVER"

And then, two nights ago, Conner walked in the bedroom and exclaimed (in a almost-polite voice) "can you please turn on the freaking tv, so i can play my freaking game in the freaking living room!?!" Can't lie. It was hilarious.
Noteworthy: They say 'freaking' on a Wonder Pets episode. Yup. Trust me. I rewound 3 times just to check.

Conner living in the Land Of Passive Agressiva is a trillion times better than an all out fit on the floor.

"So, Amanda... it sounds like things are easier on you these days because your Child That Acts Out is Not Acting Out, eh?"


Let me tell you about Chase...

11 November 2009

Because Following Around Plastic Surgeons Is SO In.

I was SUPPOSED to blog today, but I spent my morning stalking the best Birmingham plastic surgeon, Dr. Hedden, on Twitter.

And it paid off -- because I won a MAKEOVER!


Follow Dr. Hedden (@Hedden). They give away facials, manicures, pedicures, waxings, etc. a couple of times a week! As the cherry to that amazing cake (or peppermint chocolate chip milkshake from Chick-fil-A) (you choose), they have a giveaway going on where they hook one super lucky follower up with an AMAZING package when they reach milestone in followers. For example, I won:

All because @Hedden reached 750 followers this morning.

My excitement can not be contained. Here's a few exclamation points:


If Dr. Hedden only knew how badly I needed this... *sigh*. Or if he knew how horrible my chest looks and how the Titan can help. Or how long it has been since I had a manicure or a pedicure (ok, pedicure was on my birthday in March). OR what oddly colored hair on my face needs to be removed like YESTERDAY because the Mirena is WEIRD sometimes.

But he knows none of that.
For now.

The Jealousy Line starts in the comments section. :)

09 November 2009

Fail-Safe Aging Secrets

There you go. Fill that with money... because I am about to share an amazing trick that will make you all go "I wonder how much money I should send Amanda for this amazing piece of knowledge. Is a box full enough?"

Answer: No, but because I love all of you a box will do just fine.
(I'd recommend getting that Box O'Money weighed for proper shipping fees)

How To Feel Younger Overnight:

Step 1 - Go through a really stressful situation. The more stressful, the better. (this isn't called How To Feel BETTER Overnight, just 'younger') (stop complaining) ($5.95 for shipping and handling for excessive bitching) (it's in the fine print).

Step 2 - Forget your 'actual' age. This works best if you genuinely forget it. None of that fake "oh damn! I forgot to thaw out the meat! Guess it's pizza tonight" crap. I am talking about "wow. I have no clue what happened last night but I know vodka and the Cotton Eyed Joe were involved" forgetting. THAT kind of forget.

Step 3 - Tell everyone your 'new' age. (higher than your actual age or this doesn't work) By 'everyone' I clearly mean 'the internet'.

Step 4 - Correct your husband in public when he mentions your 'real' age. Insist he is being an asshole for getting it wrong.

Step 5 - Do this enough that eventually your husband gets annoyed and corrects YOU for being so wrong.

Step 6 - Remember that you are *supposed* to be forgetting your 'actual' age and act confused because you sincerely believe that you are your 'new' age.

Step 7 - Have husband rolling on the floor laughing because he thinks you have for reals forgotten how old you are.

Step 8 - Frantically google "age if birthday is xx-xx-1984". Come up with nothing. Try about 4 different versions of this sentence praying for an "age calculator".

Step 9 - Fail at finding an app for that.

Step 10 - Have a complete stranger point out that he was born a month after you and is currently your 'real' age.

Step 11 - Congratulations. Instead of thinking you are 26, and have been for the last 2+ months, you realize you are in REAL LIFE 25.

Yeah. I gained a year.

Thank me later.

Or just go ahead and send in that box of money.

06 November 2009

Things That Rock (and some that don't): 2

This week, my Things That Rock:
There's this AWESOME group of kids online that I've been involved in a whirlwind viral for the last 4 weeks... but that sentence made no sense to half (+) of you, so just stick with me. I'm not even going to attempt to explain it, but just know that it's A) online and B) totally fun.

Through them, I found (a lot of things, but also...) last.fm. It's an online music community where you build your library, share and compare lists with your friends, and basically listen to free music. Building your library is both fun and time consuming because it's slightly `addictive.

Yeah. Fun. Go check that out.

Pillow Pets
Conner saw the commercial for Pillow Pets on tv during nap time... and in full Conner fashion, he somehow managed to find JUST THE RIGHT THING TO SAY to get me to believe these would make fantastic Christmas presents.

"Can I get Chasey the pandy?"
Epic die.


Sweet baby Jesus.

*monotone voice* It's a pillow. No wait... it's a stuffed animal.
*tires screech* HOLY SH*T IT MIGHT BE BOTH!

So yeah.
Nothing special.

Chase's favorite thing is his Pandy. It's a cheap, stuffed panda bear that he sleeps with at night. Adorables. So it's not a bad idea to have something else "panda" related around that he can love on at night.
You can find them here.

Alabama vs. LSU
Because it is this weekend. And I am going.
Roll Tide.


Things That Most Certainly DO NOT ROCK:

Diets That Keep You From Eating Awesome Stuff
MOST CERTAINLY not being about to eat things high in potassium.

I am on a new medicine. I can't eat ANYTHING with high potassium.
Oh, Amanda... that just means no bananas... or loads of gatorade...


Potatos - over 1000 mg
Beans - over 1000 mg
Milk - close to 1000 mg
Orange Juice - close to 500 mg
Cranberry Juice (i love it) - close to 400 mg
Avacados (mah fav) - over 500 mg

Geez.. This blows. Those are pretty much my favorite foods. Sad face.

The Time Change
Going to be honest - this is oodles better than how it is in the spring (because then I have to wake my cranky bear at SIX AM. he hates me more then).
But Chase thinking it's ok to jump out of his crib (yeah. he does that) at 5:45? NO.

Me Spending 20 Minutes Trying To Figure Out Things That Do Not Rock Because I am Having ADD Today, Like Whoa.
yeah. that.

04 November 2009

On The Band Wagon, I Will Jump: Swine Flu Vaccine

Alright, here we go:

I am not getting the H1N1 ("Swine Flu") vaccine for myself OR my children.

Yup. You read that correctly.

Can we just move on now? No? FINE.

Conner has asthma triggered by respiratory infections. We've covered this before. I stumbled upon a great Q&A link about asthma and respiratory illness the other day. Here's a summary: respiratory infections cause inflammation (this is the asthma talking), that inflammation (or airway constriction) causes fluid to back up into Conner's lungs... which in turn means a common cold can last 3 weeks and eventually turns into phenomnia.

The more severe the respiratory illness, the more problems that can occur. A cold can last close to a month, RSV lasted 3, the flu can put Conner in the hospital and cause perminent damage.

ALL of those sound like reason why I should get the H1N1 for at least Conner, right?
But no.

First, I have to say I have never gotten myself or the kids vaccinated for the 'regular' flu because I do not condone injected children (or anyone for that matter) with KNOWN carcinogens (cancer-causing agents). Check this site. It's one of many... but it breaks down the vaccine into it's known components. One of which is Formaldehyde. Also included:

  • Polysorbate 80 - can cause severe reactions. caused male infertility in lab mice.
  • Triton X100 - a strong detergent
  • and...
  • Mercury 

Explain to me why it is people FREAK OUT about not using mercury thermometers or carefully disposing of energy saving lightbulbs (that contain mercury), but it is SOMEHOW OK to INJECT this into our CHILDREN?

Hell no.

And then there's the arguement of "but it's only a small amount...". Right. Except? You want me to inject this into my kids, in the form of TWO seperate shots (twice the cancer causing agents and toxins) every single year. By the time they can formulate their own opinions about chunking cancer into their tiny bodies on a yearly basis, they will have had - at most - 32 doses (age: 16, two shots a year). That is not "a small amount".

Forget the possible (maybe exaggerated) paralysis. (Although, I am under the belief that if anything? The media is down playing the serious side effects of this vaccine. Oh, the puppetry. Sigh)

Want all the side-effects with less hype (did not say "none". note that), here's the CDC: http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/vaccination/vaccine_safety_qa.htm

I would never give my kid candy from Halloween I didn't check. I'd never let them ride in a car with someone who's had their license for 2 seconds. Why would I give them an injectable medicine that hasn't been tested?

Call me crazy. I'll be the Crazy Lady With Children Who Do Not Have Cancer Or Paralysis.

Also worthy of note? About 4 weeks back my mom, myself and the boys came down with a mid-grade (sometimes high) fever, chills, tons of congestion, vomiting, and aches.

Back in February, I had the 'regular flu'. People? I wanted to cut my body off of my head. It hurt so much. The boys both had it too, and Conner had it the worst, but he had medicine and survived. Yay! My mom did not have the regular flu.
And then we all get sick with 'flu-like symptoms' and she is the worst. The achey-ness was there, but no where NEAR what I went through earlier this year. It took some debate, and almost 2 whole weeks to feel "normal" again - but we are all close to being sure we had Swine Flu. *insert creepy music and evil laugh here*

I was on the fence about the boys before, and after that? I am just so not going to feel guilty about loading them up on some hyped up vaccine when I very well believe they have already had the disease.

I do believe some people should get it. I don't really draw the line anywhere, and still consider that it's a personal decision and based solely on individual circumstances.
Will you get it?
What about your kids?
Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

02 November 2009

Obligatory Halloween Pictures and Almost a Movie Review But Not Quite. You Are Welcome.

Thanks to those who participated in my Things That Rock bloggy listy carnival thingy. Yeah.

If you haven't posted yours yet, you have until Wednesday!

Of course, we did Halloween'ish activities this weekend. But, we opted for a "no rain or freezing cold" alternative to our original Trick-or-Treating plans.

We booked 4 tickets (ok, 3. Chase is free) to see 'Where The Wild Things Are' at the movies. This sounds like fun, right? It was, but for extra reasons. I have not been in a movie theater since March of 2005.

Uh huh.

That's a '5'.

And Mike is a huge movie buff.

And I didn't even make it all the way through that movie. I was pregnant. And lots of peeing took place.

Conner has never had more than a 4.27 second attention span until recently, so we figured that a movie lasting 90 minutes? We might could just get through. And he did an excellent job.

Conner didn't know movie theater's were SO big:

The movie really was great and did a wonderful job of 'filling in the missing plot'. As you've probably heard/read, the costumes are precisely as the book's illustrations and since the book is extra short, it was easy for the movie to stick with a few lines and the overall theme.

I know some people have heard it's 'scary', but this is, in my opinion, necessary to get the emotional impact of the story. At times, people (or monsters) are sad. They are angry. They just want to run away and hide, but to let your child feel and witness these raw emotions... and then for the movie to 'solve' the problems... I think that teaches something important - to just stick with it.

But this isn't a movie review.

Also part of The Halloween Plan was for Conner and Chase to wear their costumes. Psssssssh. No.

Conner was a ninja, which meant head-to-toe black and a little restricting around the face - not movie appropriate (he could just BLEND IN.... :) ). And Chase? Ha. I came towards Chase with his dragon costume and he didn't run. He didn't scream. He didn't tell me 'no!'. He just stood there, lowered his chin to his chest, and gave me the World's Biggest Eye Roll followed by the There's Just No Effin Way I Am Going To Wear That, Lady, So You Might As Well Back Up Off, K? look. You might know which one I'm referring to.

I gave Chase a little crap about it, attempted to put it over his head (we actually did put this on him the night before, and he DID scream bloody murder then..so yeah...).. and he rejected the entire idea. No costume, no pictures. He's stubborn.

Movie With No Costumes .... or games:

(poooor Conner)
 was tons of fun (except the part where Chase watched 3 cumulative minutes), then we hit up Chick-Fil-A which had candy bags, free ice cream for the kids, a playground and this:

Holy Mother Of Cows... These are just amazing. I enjoyed one about twice a week last Holiday Season (which, you know, seems to last from September to January now.. and I am SO not complaining). SCORE.

Here's Chase enjoying the site of incoming ice cream:

Then we came home, costumed-up Conner:

...and trick-or-treated to 5 whole houses. Believe me... that's enough candy since we didn't have a single ballerina or spiderman visitor for the rest of the night, which in turn left us with 3 bags of candy. Daaaarnnn.

Chase went in his fleece and jeans. I attempted a mohawk (but failed), so Chase was just... an Old Navy model? Clark Kent in a fleece? Adorable? (totally) Complaining the entire time because his hands were cold and HOW DARE WE make him CARRY a BUCKET in the FREEZING WEATHER and OMG! DUDE! Why can't I go in these people's homes??? IT IS WARM IN THERE, WOMAN! Yes. He was that.

We came home and Chase ate Snickers. He was finally happy:

And of course, Obligatory Carved Pumpkin Picture. YOU try and get them to sit still. Aint happenin'.

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