11 November 2009

Because Following Around Plastic Surgeons Is SO In.

I was SUPPOSED to blog today, but I spent my morning stalking the best Birmingham plastic surgeon, Dr. Hedden, on Twitter.

And it paid off -- because I won a MAKEOVER!


Follow Dr. Hedden (@Hedden). They give away facials, manicures, pedicures, waxings, etc. a couple of times a week! As the cherry to that amazing cake (or peppermint chocolate chip milkshake from Chick-fil-A) (you choose), they have a giveaway going on where they hook one super lucky follower up with an AMAZING package when they reach milestone in followers. For example, I won:

All because @Hedden reached 750 followers this morning.

My excitement can not be contained. Here's a few exclamation points:


If Dr. Hedden only knew how badly I needed this... *sigh*. Or if he knew how horrible my chest looks and how the Titan can help. Or how long it has been since I had a manicure or a pedicure (ok, pedicure was on my birthday in March). OR what oddly colored hair on my face needs to be removed like YESTERDAY because the Mirena is WEIRD sometimes.

But he knows none of that.
For now.

The Jealousy Line starts in the comments section. :)


  1. I'll start the jealousy line! That's an awesome prize!

  2. That's AWESOME... totally jealous.

  3. We were rooting for you! I'm going for the 800 one!

    They're going to do a giveaway on the site (bhammommy) for holidays - maybe you can win that (I can't, bummer) and have a twofer :D

    So happy you won something so flippin' awesome.


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