15 November 2009

Confessions Of A Santa Clause

Dear Conner,

Your mother and father just failed hardcore.

We decided that on a late Sunday evening, we'd haul you and your brother to the "Red Ball Store" sometimes known to you as "Target" (but mostly the former). Honestly? We only came for diapers, the fruit snacks you and Chase prefer, milk and apparently... Fall Out 3 (ask your father about that one).

But we failed you, or more so... Christmas... and Santa. See... it is Christmas time. Ok. Really it's about 3 weeks prior to Thanksgiving, but kid.. times are tough and that means stores are ramming Christmas down our throats 2 months early because we, as Americans, feel the urge to SPEND LIKE MANIACS. I digress.

Our first major failure was even steering towards the toy section. However, Fall Out 3 is located in the game area and that is right smack next to the toy section. And since it was on our NEED list *aghem*, we had to go that direction.

I found 2 games for your Leapster HALF! OFF! One was a Dinosaur counting game and the other the Star Wars reading game you've been requesting from St. Nick.

You didn't see it, but I put them in the cart. We finished our shopping and checked out without you noticing the presents.

Then we got to the car. Out of the bag fell BOTH games. You were thrilled.

In panic mode, we shoved them back into the bags and you kept rambling about them. So, once buckeled into the car, I ripped the cartridge out of the packaging.

Your dad and I started the cover-up.

"Conner, Santa has a small sleigh and it can fly, so it needs to lightweight. Santa told us to go get the package and he'd bring the game to make room for more toys for you, Chase and other boys and girls. Does that make sense?"

That might sound familiar. You bought it, but insisted "I am going to look inside when we get home."

And you did. And you found nothing but an empty package.

So we are sorry for screwing up and for lying about it. We aren't very good at this whole 'Santa Thing' yet.

Lots of Love,
Mom and Dad


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  2. Awwwh you're such a good mommmm. This made me lol.

  3. huh- creative. Yes, I am already well aware and sad that this is the last year that I can actually take Kylie with me to shop for her toys... *sigh* the easy years... lol

  4. OMG that was pure genius. I'm taking notes.


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