13 November 2009

He Deserves A Bragging Post

You might have noticed I've toned down my frequency of Conner-related tales...but that is mostly because it is apparently easier to blog about his "OMG NO HE DID'T" moments. And with that said, he has done close to a 180 with his attitude and acting out-ness. I'd call it a '130' -- room for improvement.

A few weeks ago, Conner's class had their annual Halloween party during which they recited Ephesians 4:32 (which was adorable on a whole other level) and it goes:
"Be kind to one another"
I have the video, but won't upload it because I didn't exactly walk around and get permission from every single parent -- half of which would look at me like "and what is a blog?".

(the rest of which would be all "ZOMG! U w4nT 2 pUt m4h ch1ld 0n d4h 1nt3rn3t!?!?!" seriously people? calm the eff down.)

And somehow... he really appears to understand that "being kind" gets him farther than acting out. Yes, he still has his moments and "bad days", but he is male and 4.5... so that's expected. But most of those "moments" are overshadowed by gems like:

"Momma, I love you... and I love Chasey..." -- On the way to school this morning.
"Momma, you are the BEST baker" -- While we made Halloween cupcakes.
"I hope you have the sweet dreams" -- almost every single night before we go to sleep, which is followed by
  "I hope my dreams come true"...

He is not only expressing kindness with words, but in his actions:

Yesterday, I asked him to take the laundry out of the washing machine and put it in the dryer. Without hesitation, he walked into the laundry room, opened the washer, moved over the clothes, and asked "How do I start it?". From the kitchen, I told him which buttons to press and within seconds I heard the dryer start.

When went to McDonald's ("Ole McDonald's") yesterday with his "Nonna". Conner played well, helped Chase the entire time through the play area, and (shocker) ATE HIS FOOD. I know, right?

He says "please" and "thank you" without prompt.

He HAS to open the door for you.

He really does love Chase and enjoys playing with him.

Yes, blogging was more "fun" when I could tell you about him dumping almost a gallon of syrup out across 4 rooms in my house, or how he RULED the Time Out, or how A.D.D. he gets during homework, or how many times he has tortured our dogs (etc).... but these days, his Outbursts Of Hell are fewer and farther between. He has developed more of a passive agressive attitude for his "sassy" moments. For example:

In the car a few weeks ago, after picking up Conner from school, Chase was babbleing (a LOT) when Conner looks over at him and states in a More Likely Annoyed tone "FINE... just BE crazy...WHATEVER"

And then, two nights ago, Conner walked in the bedroom and exclaimed (in a almost-polite voice) "can you please turn on the freaking tv, so i can play my freaking game in the freaking living room!?!" Can't lie. It was hilarious.
Noteworthy: They say 'freaking' on a Wonder Pets episode. Yup. Trust me. I rewound 3 times just to check.

Conner living in the Land Of Passive Agressiva is a trillion times better than an all out fit on the floor.

"So, Amanda... it sounds like things are easier on you these days because your Child That Acts Out is Not Acting Out, eh?"


Let me tell you about Chase...


  1. I loved this one. Yay for bragging!
    And YES they do say freaking on the Wonder Pets...i noticed this one too.
    And on the "save the rat pack" episode (which is quite funny) they have "blue eyes", "sammy", and "deno" who fall down on each other a lot, thats what they need saving from...can you say drunk?

  2. Thanks for your comment the other day. The things that come out of kids' mouths crack me up.

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