28 November 2009

Oh, Maggie... You're A Winner. And Frogs. Don't Forget About The Frogs.

[but you didn't *win* frogs... you won $25 towards UpperCase Living's beautiful wall expressions..][and I'm praying that something like a blog post or a hard hit on the head from God on a daily basis will remind me to take care of these things][or to remind me to keep the top on because apparently? they like to escape the bowl and DIE ALL OVER THE HOUSE.][how dare they.]

I'm not totally sure why I've never posted the screen shots of my random winners before, but just for "HERE, SEE!"s sakes.. I thought I'd include one this time. I used this method for the bedding winner (Chasity being the winner, the prize still sitting in my dining room... SORRY). For giveaways prior to that, I would write out all the names on paper, cut them up, place them in a bowl and let Conner choose.

But tonight.. we got frogs. ALBINO frogs.[which means I am a) lazy and conner is b) busy with frogs and frog activities][which includes a) talking to frogs b) watching frogs and apparently c) tickling frogs... who knew?]



Please make sure to give UpperCase Living a few more glances, especially when considering your Christmas list.
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