04 November 2009

On The Band Wagon, I Will Jump: Swine Flu Vaccine

Alright, here we go:

I am not getting the H1N1 ("Swine Flu") vaccine for myself OR my children.

Yup. You read that correctly.

Can we just move on now? No? FINE.

Conner has asthma triggered by respiratory infections. We've covered this before. I stumbled upon a great Q&A link about asthma and respiratory illness the other day. Here's a summary: respiratory infections cause inflammation (this is the asthma talking), that inflammation (or airway constriction) causes fluid to back up into Conner's lungs... which in turn means a common cold can last 3 weeks and eventually turns into phenomnia.

The more severe the respiratory illness, the more problems that can occur. A cold can last close to a month, RSV lasted 3, the flu can put Conner in the hospital and cause perminent damage.

ALL of those sound like reason why I should get the H1N1 for at least Conner, right?
But no.

First, I have to say I have never gotten myself or the kids vaccinated for the 'regular' flu because I do not condone injected children (or anyone for that matter) with KNOWN carcinogens (cancer-causing agents). Check this site. It's one of many... but it breaks down the vaccine into it's known components. One of which is Formaldehyde. Also included:

  • Polysorbate 80 - can cause severe reactions. caused male infertility in lab mice.
  • Triton X100 - a strong detergent
  • and...
  • Mercury 

Explain to me why it is people FREAK OUT about not using mercury thermometers or carefully disposing of energy saving lightbulbs (that contain mercury), but it is SOMEHOW OK to INJECT this into our CHILDREN?

Hell no.

And then there's the arguement of "but it's only a small amount...". Right. Except? You want me to inject this into my kids, in the form of TWO seperate shots (twice the cancer causing agents and toxins) every single year. By the time they can formulate their own opinions about chunking cancer into their tiny bodies on a yearly basis, they will have had - at most - 32 doses (age: 16, two shots a year). That is not "a small amount".

Forget the possible (maybe exaggerated) paralysis. (Although, I am under the belief that if anything? The media is down playing the serious side effects of this vaccine. Oh, the puppetry. Sigh)

Want all the side-effects with less hype (did not say "none". note that), here's the CDC: http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/vaccination/vaccine_safety_qa.htm

I would never give my kid candy from Halloween I didn't check. I'd never let them ride in a car with someone who's had their license for 2 seconds. Why would I give them an injectable medicine that hasn't been tested?

Call me crazy. I'll be the Crazy Lady With Children Who Do Not Have Cancer Or Paralysis.

Also worthy of note? About 4 weeks back my mom, myself and the boys came down with a mid-grade (sometimes high) fever, chills, tons of congestion, vomiting, and aches.

Back in February, I had the 'regular flu'. People? I wanted to cut my body off of my head. It hurt so much. The boys both had it too, and Conner had it the worst, but he had medicine and survived. Yay! My mom did not have the regular flu.
And then we all get sick with 'flu-like symptoms' and she is the worst. The achey-ness was there, but no where NEAR what I went through earlier this year. It took some debate, and almost 2 whole weeks to feel "normal" again - but we are all close to being sure we had Swine Flu. *insert creepy music and evil laugh here*

I was on the fence about the boys before, and after that? I am just so not going to feel guilty about loading them up on some hyped up vaccine when I very well believe they have already had the disease.

I do believe some people should get it. I don't really draw the line anywhere, and still consider that it's a personal decision and based solely on individual circumstances.
Will you get it?
What about your kids?
Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. I'm good friends with my daughters pediatrician and she has convinced me that H1N1 vaccine is just as safe as the regular *emphasis "just as safe" if not more so b/c it only has 1 flu strain in it as opposed to several in the reg vac. She broke it down and went over ingredients, testing time, ect. I totally believe her. But i choose not to let myself nor Kylie have either flu vaccine. She was preemie so she is encouraged to have all kinds of 'extra' shots too, such as Cynergis- I just don't care for so many vaccines. We pick and choose which to give her. and I'm comfortable with that. Talk about high risk- I'm preggo AND asthmatic, but I feel safe without the flu vaccines.

  2. I refuse to allow Samantha to get any vaccine that hasn't been on the market for years and therefore has been time tested. Also, I've heard that this H1N1 vaccine uses fetal tissue, I don't know if it's human or not, but that really bothers/grosses me out.

    In addition, some of the possible side effects of this vaccines are PERMANENT. Couldn't imagine taking that chance with my daughter's life or my own.

  3. Nor I or my kids will get the h1n1 vaccine. Nor will we get the flu shot. here's a part of the reaon why-

    This breaks my heart.

  4. We aren't getting the H1N1 shot and most likely will not get the regular flu shot.

    1 - I've NEVER had the flu shot (I'm 39) and I've had the flu once in my life (21 years ago)
    2 - My children have only had the flu vaccine (the mercury free, not from a multi-dose vial version) once and that was last year. In the span of three months, we were visiting Tennessee, Alabama, and Disney. I was just being cautious. Yet my children are 10 and 3 and neither have had the flu.

    3 - If H1N1 is different enough that it requires a separate vaccine then, to me, it requires more testing before being thrust upon the public.

    4 - My nephew has leukemia yet his parents are choosing not to take the H1N1 vaccine. Their doctors are not pushing it either. (I should also note that my SIL's first cousin also has a son with autism, so they are cautious about vaccines anyway.)

    5 - There's a good argument for being exposed to this original version of H1N1 before it mutates. Any natural immunity to this original version is a good thing.

    6 - There is no guarantee that the current version will not mutate and thus render the current vaccine ineffective. It's a flu strain - it mutates...period. It's a miracle that it hasn't already.

    I could write a book. Sorry!

  5. I live in Roswell, New Mexico and we have children DYING here! Perfectly healthy children and teenagers are DYING from H1N1. I'd rather take the very slight chance of a side effect or miniscule chance of cancer then to be the mother whose child DIED because I was too freaking paranoid of the side effects to have them vaccinated. One child was my child's friend!

  6. Hey Christibear- news flash- we have kids and adults as well DYING here too- it's killing people all over the U.S. In fact in Aug./Sept. Alabama had one of- if not the- the highest reported number of cases of H1N1.
    You have your opinion and decision and we have ours- but there is no reason to get rude about it and say that we are 'paranoid' for doing what we feel is best for our families.

  7. My husband and I will not be getting the H1N1 shots. I also do not plan on getting them for my children either. I don't think my dog sons are in danger of getting the swine anyway.


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