23 November 2009

Review and GIVEAWAY for UpperCase Living

(this is going to be one of those posts that blogger choses not to post correctly and after an ENTIRE DAY of fighting it, I've given up... sorry...)
There I am, balancing myself above my kitchen sink, bare feet on the cold, slightly slippery granite countertops I had finished cleaning only an hour prior.

Michael is behind me taking pictures of my butt spotting me to make sure I didn't fall off the countertops.

Not exactly the most graceful thing and it most definitely made me dizzy (almost all in part because the meds I am on lower my blood pressure... ALL OF THAT IS OFF TOPIC).

Originally, I chose my entryway for a decorative wall expression that says "Bless this home and all who enter". BUT, when then I realized that it just seemed to look off in that location. Not sure if it's my ugly lamps or... my ugly lamps. So, I went with my backup plan - over the kitchen window

I do not know why I am approving this picture:

First, I measured the area and determining the placement of my applique. The directions say to use small pieces of tape to attach the expression to the wall. I outlined all four corners lightly with a pencil to insure that I placed the expression's back in the same place after removing the backing.

Next, I flipped the expression over, which normally wouldn't be that difficult but I managed to make ten times harder by being on top of the countertops AND on my tippy toes. Go me.

I rubbed the backing again with the tool provided and slowly began to remove the backing. 
It helped that Mike was behind me watching my butt to relieve me when my arms went bloodless or I got tired of holding my head up.

Then, I somehow managed to straddle the sink and hold both sides of this almost 3-foot-long expression level while I slowly lowered it to the wall, making sure to match the corners to my original marks.

Once re-applied to the wall, I rubbed the top surface with that transfer tool (see: green thing in that picture to the right) again and then slowly peeled the final layer off.

And... voila!

I love it!

Mine is in a chocolate brown to go with my cream molding and taupe colors.

It really was quite simple and the finished product is gorgeous, sturdy yet easily removable. I "accidentally" applied one of the guideline triangles provided on the backing paper and was very impressed how easily it came off. 

With each expression, UpperCase Living provides detailed instructions and the tool used for application. I personally loved the tool because the tip was pliable, making it easier to work than a credit card/similar object.

I've sifted through the UpperCase Living site several times and picked out a few of my favs. Aren't these great? Such a simple way to jazz up a boring wall, decorate the playroom, or add some fun to your living space.

Just a few of my favorites...

There are SO MANY! Give the website a whirl... it's tons of fun and the ideas you can come up with are endless. These can be applied to other things than walls... make a measuring stick for your children. Make a decorative plate for Santa's cookies. These obviously make excellent gifts too.

So who wants a $25 credit for the site? Yeah... I thought so.

Each comment gets you an entry, each RT gets you an additional one and each re-post gets a third entry for THREE POSSIBLE ENTRIES.

Please RT the following --  UpperCase Living decorative expressions GIVEAWAY from @themomjob on  http://themomjob.net   --

You have to leave a comment to be able to do the other two. Meaning... if you retweet and re-post but don't TELL ME YOU DID SO in the comments section of this post... no dice. Comment first, and RT or repost if you wish to gain additional entries.

I will chose a winner this weekend on Saturday around noon EST.


** I was provided the product (valued under $25) to provide an accurate description and review. Please see my Full Disclosure **


  1. I like the "Once Upon a Time" in the nursery section. Of course, I don't have a nursery yet, but I think it would look lovely above the window in my library/study.
    And if I don't win, I'll probably get it anyway...

  2. doing all of the above for 3 total

  3. Love the giveaway! Commenting, Tweeted, and blogged about it!


  4. Entering! Would love something for my new house!

  5. I love the "A house is built with boards & beams, a home is built with love & dreams"

    Are we supposed to leave a comment for each entry seperatly or leave everything under one??? I will leave seperate comment... Sorry if that messes it up!

  6. I tweeted: http://twitter.com/MarMeade/statuses/6009387009

    I would would have this in our entry way... You know, in case you cared lol.

  7. This is a great giveaway! I love the "chalk wall" options at UpperCase living too! I'm going to RT this too from @katiepie7.

  8. I am commenting and I just tweeted. (c:

  9. Amanduh ur sine iz crookid jest so u kno. but teh avrig humin i caynt tel so dunt woree. i wunt free stuff.

  10. In response to the pathetic begging... Hey, I like this stuff! The CLOCK ones are NEATO.

  11. lol hai hao du i taip mai naym?

  12. I RTed and here's my comment. Luff you! =]

  13. I was actually looking at something like those last week for a Christmas present for my sister. I am glad that they actually look good once you get it up.

    Also you totally approved that answer because you know your hot ;)


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