02 November 2009

Obligatory Halloween Pictures and Almost a Movie Review But Not Quite. You Are Welcome.

Thanks to those who participated in my Things That Rock bloggy listy carnival thingy. Yeah.

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Of course, we did Halloween'ish activities this weekend. But, we opted for a "no rain or freezing cold" alternative to our original Trick-or-Treating plans.

We booked 4 tickets (ok, 3. Chase is free) to see 'Where The Wild Things Are' at the movies. This sounds like fun, right? It was, but for extra reasons. I have not been in a movie theater since March of 2005.

Uh huh.

That's a '5'.

And Mike is a huge movie buff.

And I didn't even make it all the way through that movie. I was pregnant. And lots of peeing took place.

Conner has never had more than a 4.27 second attention span until recently, so we figured that a movie lasting 90 minutes? We might could just get through. And he did an excellent job.

Conner didn't know movie theater's were SO big:

The movie really was great and did a wonderful job of 'filling in the missing plot'. As you've probably heard/read, the costumes are precisely as the book's illustrations and since the book is extra short, it was easy for the movie to stick with a few lines and the overall theme.

I know some people have heard it's 'scary', but this is, in my opinion, necessary to get the emotional impact of the story. At times, people (or monsters) are sad. They are angry. They just want to run away and hide, but to let your child feel and witness these raw emotions... and then for the movie to 'solve' the problems... I think that teaches something important - to just stick with it.

But this isn't a movie review.

Also part of The Halloween Plan was for Conner and Chase to wear their costumes. Psssssssh. No.

Conner was a ninja, which meant head-to-toe black and a little restricting around the face - not movie appropriate (he could just BLEND IN.... :) ). And Chase? Ha. I came towards Chase with his dragon costume and he didn't run. He didn't scream. He didn't tell me 'no!'. He just stood there, lowered his chin to his chest, and gave me the World's Biggest Eye Roll followed by the There's Just No Effin Way I Am Going To Wear That, Lady, So You Might As Well Back Up Off, K? look. You might know which one I'm referring to.

I gave Chase a little crap about it, attempted to put it over his head (we actually did put this on him the night before, and he DID scream bloody murder then..so yeah...).. and he rejected the entire idea. No costume, no pictures. He's stubborn.

Movie With No Costumes .... or games:

(poooor Conner)
 was tons of fun (except the part where Chase watched 3 cumulative minutes), then we hit up Chick-Fil-A which had candy bags, free ice cream for the kids, a playground and this:

Holy Mother Of Cows... These are just amazing. I enjoyed one about twice a week last Holiday Season (which, you know, seems to last from September to January now.. and I am SO not complaining). SCORE.

Here's Chase enjoying the site of incoming ice cream:

Then we came home, costumed-up Conner:

...and trick-or-treated to 5 whole houses. Believe me... that's enough candy since we didn't have a single ballerina or spiderman visitor for the rest of the night, which in turn left us with 3 bags of candy. Daaaarnnn.

Chase went in his fleece and jeans. I attempted a mohawk (but failed), so Chase was just... an Old Navy model? Clark Kent in a fleece? Adorable? (totally) Complaining the entire time because his hands were cold and HOW DARE WE make him CARRY a BUCKET in the FREEZING WEATHER and OMG! DUDE! Why can't I go in these people's homes??? IT IS WARM IN THERE, WOMAN! Yes. He was that.

We came home and Chase ate Snickers. He was finally happy:

And of course, Obligatory Carved Pumpkin Picture. YOU try and get them to sit still. Aint happenin'.


  1. I'm heading out for one of those shakes this afternoon! When I got the email saying they were back in stores, I almost cried. No lie.

    My kids are 10 and 3. I am ready to be done with Halloween. Will FINALLY wore his costume this year...for about 10 minutes TOTAL. Andrew was Tony Hawk, so technically, he wasn't actually dressed up. I just want to stay home and pass out candy....

    I forgot about the movie - we check it out tomorrow for Stimulus Tuesday!


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