08 December 2009

10 Easy Snacks..

..(alternative extension to title: That Won't Require Cooking or Eating Cheez-Its On A Daily Basis [AND Please Stop Being That Mom Who Sends Goldfish To Preschool Every Time You Have The Snack Bucket, kthanks.])

1. Sun Chips OR Wheat Thins

(Yes I could have broken these down into 2 different numbers, but I have an even 10 here.. so sue me).

Don't lie ... you love these things. But for some reason beyond me (this is mostly applicable to the Wheat Thins), parents consider them "diet" food and forget that they are just baked wheat crackers that taste super yummy. Offer these as a just-as-salty, but waaaay healthier version to chips as a side item or a quick snack.
My boys love them.

2. Garden Cheddar Goldfish

Yes, I just complained about Goldfish crackers approximately 20 lines up. Mostly because Conner goes to a preschool where we split the "who brings snack to school" responsibility up, each person taking 1-2 days each month and bringing one snack for all the kids.


Jesus people, kids get bored with that crap.

SO. For those times when you do feed them those golden little fishies, why not have them consume a veggie or two?

Garden Cheddar has 1/3 serving of veggies (peas, carrots, tomatos and sweet potatos) in each serving (lol @ the fact that a "serving" is 56 crackers.. but still).

3. Fruit Cups

Here's the kicker... ONLY buy those that say "packed with natural juices". Otherwise? You are basically serving your kids "fruit" swimming in a 4-6 ounce pool of thick, corn syrup. Ew.

4. Go-Gurts (but frozen)

This is SUCH a huge life saver. Many of you might recall our "little incident" with Dora and her berries on my son's berries.. *cough*. The issue there was a) Chase hated eating yogurt and thus got numerous infections and b) Putting yogurt on areas other than your tongue is nasty to watch.

I digress. I feel like my whole life was saved when I found these (thanks to the boys' Aunt Ann for that). Basically, I freeze them like you would a popsicle, and when they want one... I run it under water for maybe 4 seconds (any longer and they start to get mushy), cut the top, push the "pop" out like a push pop ("wow Amanda, I would have never been able to guess that...") and serve with a paper towel around the bottom.

Conner and Chase go through a box every 5 days or so. They have NO idea they are eating yogurt and as a result, Chase has been infection free since summer. Thank. God.

Noteworthy: Don't look at them. Just eat. :) (Yes, it looks *just* like your dog.) (double vomit)

5. Quaker Oats Rice Cakes in Caramel.Corn

No fat. No cholesterol. Made with real multi-grains. DO I NEED TO KEEP GOING. Oh, and they taste amazing.

6. Iced Oatmeal Cookies 

Ok, we all give our kids cookies (it says on the package that cookies extend your sanity.. true story). Why not throw them a "cookie" that has something healthy in it? Bonus points for those that sneak in raisins or nuts. (Or try dark chocolate).

Recipe courtesy of Moms Who Think for Oatmeal Cookies.

(picture ALSO courtesy of Moms Who Think)

7. Dried Cherries

Not a raisin lover? Me either. Yuck. Neither are Chase or Conner and I don't blame them. As an alternative, might I suggest dried cherries?

or use your dried cherries in... maybe...

8. Trail Mix

(see what I did there? clever.)

Trail mix:
Mini Pretzels
Dried Cherries
Mini Marshmellows
and a FEW Mini M&Ms
Kix or Chex

9. 100% Juice Pops

10. Nutella or Dark Chocolate 

Craving chocolate but you've already drained your supply want to opt for something a smidge more healthy? Try: A) Nutella on toast or saltines or B) Dark Chocolate.

I only recently found Nutella and Conner LOVES it.

..Um. Ew... -->

(A Hazelnut spread w/ cococa.. nuts are healthy, no?)

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  1. I'll admit to feeding my son goldfish crackers, I'll even go so far to say I went to Costco and stocked. but I love those things more than he does. cheeze-its are even better. Good thing I don't live in the U.S. because if I did I'd eat them all the time.

    I like dried cranberries for my and Yoplait yogurt tubes Not sure if you have them down there.


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