28 December 2009

Here I Am Needing Advice - Again. Read: HELP!

It's been a full year since I purchased this domain. Which is totally ironic since just last week I began to ponder "How much does my blog name suck?" while in a mad post-birthday party and pre-Christmas dash throughout my house.

Let me just add, for the record, that having a child with a birthday 4 days before Christmas, living in a city 2 hours away from all relatives (the No Where Land between Too Far Away For A Quick Trip and Not Far Away Enough To Be Considered "Too Far" Therefore Expected To Show Face), and then insisting that my children wake in our house on Christmas morning and having a husband who must work on Christmas Eve because "the market is open" is just a huge pain in my rear.

I think I feel better now that rant isover.

So to save me from myself, I debated my blog name, identity, "brand", etc while cleaning, baking, wrapping, mothering, chauffeuring and going insane.

My desire to re-vamp this site is multifold. For starters, I'd like it to appear more "professional" (stop laughing). I would still maintain my off-color humor and marginally less than sane content, but with a few less asterisks, all caps, and words made up by me. The run-on sentences are staying as well as my comma splices and incomplete statements (the latter two are more so by accident).

Second, I want the design to "do more". I have no idea what that really means. In my head, my ideal blog layout would be less "crappy" and more "awesome". I am oozing with vague here. You are all, surely, shocked.

Third, I think the site name, my "identity", should reflect more of what readers have come to expect (read: avoid). For instance, I'm sure many have stumbled onto this blog, looked up and realized it seems a lot like being lost with Alice in Wonderland on a bad day. Even worse, it could be just like watching that extended version of Alice in Wonderland with the Jabberwocky and the trippy mirror scene.

Here comes a new reader thinking they've come across a lovely little mommy blog and then I smack them in the face with an "unusual" comment or topic. The reader never knew what hit them. After all, it came from something called "The Mom Job".

What if, hypothetically, my site was called...
I think that would send the right message.

I am currently working on several projects that will expose my writing to a wider audience.

For one, as many of you noticed, I am now a monthly contributor to Birmingham Mommy; my feature is called "Amanda's Attempt to Entertain Us This Month". Yup. I'm creative.

The next is a local (to Birmingham) magazine (print) that also maintains a website. I'm not totally sure if it's safe to link yet, but there's no way you guys won't hear about this soon. I should be posting a several times a month (1-2 per week). The long-term goal is to work my way towards the print side and maintain my online position.

And lastly, I occassionally contribute posts to MomsWhoThink.com. (which all of you should visit because a) it's a great resource for "all things mommy" and b) they pay me)

My overall point here is this - I think it sends a more accurate message if someone were to read my bio on one of these sites and it were to say something like "Amanda Z., a Birmingham native, is a stay-at-home mother of 2 young boys and a graduate of the University of Alabama. She blogs on her personal site, UterusForSale.com, and contributes to YourWebsiteHere.com bi-monthly".

It's like a subtle warning I may make you blush, laugh or both.


  1. read the blog- but yet I'm adviceless today... sorry. Good Luck though!
    I take that back- here's my advice- diable the stupid caspatcha thingy!!! (yes I know the spelling is incorrect but I don't feel like looking it up!)

  2. How about Everything Unexpected?


    Mouth without a Filter?


    The Mom Job: Not What You Think?

    (I have used the second one to describe myself on more than one occasion.)

    Uterus for Sale cracks me up! Mine would be...Take my Uterus - Please!

  3. I dunno, I like "the mom job", i bet it drives a good bit of traffic (uh can you hear my job jumping out? :) ) plus I think the job of being a mom is quite like your blog, raw and disheveled and with a large dose of laugh or face true insanity.

    we'll take you no matter your domain name though cause after all in this age of internets thats your identity and totally yours to choose and change and change again.

  4. I second the comments about keeping the mom job... but maybe adding a subtitle that gets your personality across.

  5. I also like 'The Mom Job' - and agree it probably drives traffic, too. I think you just need a catchy byline. Coming up empty here, of course, but I think you should keep it!

    Uterusforsale.com cracks me up, and is a good one, too. Although it would likely initially drive a whole different group to your site... :)

    No matter what you call yourself, just please keep doing what you do!



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