20 December 2009

Moms Who Tweet

Last Monday night, as I sifted through a few hours of tweets while Michael took the boys to the gym, I came across a retweet (someone re-posting another person's entry). A fellow mommy-blogger re-posted a short entry another mommy made a few minutes prior. It simply said "Please pray like never before, my 2 yr old fell in the pool."

A straightforward request that pulled at my heartstrings. I've visited Shellie's blog once or twice before and the idea of her son, Chase's age, and herself being in such a frightening situation made me physically sick. In interest of drawing thoughts and prayers, I retweeted the post as well.

On Tuesday I used the USA Today app on my iphone to check up on the latest news of the day, seeing as Noggin doesn't give me world events. I was shocked to see this entry (see: left) - one that alludes to careless actions on part of the mother. The article is titled "Mom's tweet as son was dying stirs debate" and then interviews a complete stranger to the mother, Madison McGraw - a blogger, who says:
"Could this child's death have been averted had the mom not been on Twitter all day?... This woman spent all of her time on Twitter. It was unbelievable."

I am absolutely appalled. I do not personally know Shellie, I must state that for the record. I also do not follow her every tweet, but I do know this - if this were me, if this exact same situation were replaced with my family, and they looked at my Twitter account, I would hope this person would take the time to consider that it takes mere seconds to post a tweet.

To accuse this mother of abandonment or neglect is absurd.

The interview with Mr. McGraw insinuates that this mother was tweeting and not watching her child. It implies she sat around and tweet the day away and let her children run wild. Sadly, it makes attempt to suggest this mother basically stopped CPR to confer her situation to the world on the internet.

I don't wish to make a case saying this mother is "absolutely innocent and positively had her eyes glued to her child" for three reasons. First being, that's an impossible statement. As parents, we make mistakes and it is simply beyond reach to watch our children at all times. Secondly, in the article on USA Today it states:
She tweeted throughout Monday. At 5:22 p.m., she posted a message about the fog that rolled in as she worked in her chicken coop.

The emergency call to police came at 5:23 p.m
Lastly, It appears to me this mother was going about her daily business - business that involved venturing away from her child and letting her attention concentrate on others things (in this case, a chicken coop).

I would hope someone would be there to defend my actions in a case such as this. Someone to stand up and say "We live in an age of social networking. A time when we have an "extra circle" of friends - those that live real lives, but we know through the internet. It doesn't make us anti-social, it makes us more social. It let's us reach out to those friends and let them know we care... that we live... and that we sometimes need an extra thought or prayer from those around us."

Shellie asked for just that. It's clear she loved her son and she let out a plea for his life. That's something I believe we should all be able to respect.

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  1. thats an all around horrible situation. regaurdless as to what she should/shouldn't have been doing- isn't losing a child punishment enough?


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